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Wednesday Wisdom: A “Closed Door’ Doesn’t Mean the End of Your Dream



The above says it all; straight and to the point. It really is true that perseverance pays off in the end. Hey, as the old saying goes, “nothing worthwhile is ever easy” (or something like that). Never giving up, going after what you want and what makes you happy is something I’ve always believed in, and have said before, If I’m really honest with myself though – I have yet to truly do it. Recent occurrences in my life have finally made me realize that what matters is to do something with my life that truly makes me happy. Happiness is the most important thing in my opinion.

So, let’s do this! Let’s finally actually “talk the talk” AND “walk the walk”.


xo,  Stephanie 

Wednesday Wisdom: Everything Will Be Alright




Out of all the Wednesday Wisdom posts I’ve done thus far, let me just say, If ever I were to have a life motto this would definitely be it. I’ve been through many struggles in my life and quite possibly have more to come, however, through those experiences I’ve become stronger and better. Even though “in the moment” it might not seem like it, in the end have faith that everything will turn out alright. Maybe not the way you thought originally, but the way it should be and the best way it should be.


xo,  Stephanie 

Wednesday Wisdom: Finding Your Path













Let me be honest for a moment. While I absolutely LOOOVE Christmas and the true meaning behind it, sometimes this time of year I occasionally find myself wishing I had more. I look at the past year and think – what could I have done better? Did I successfully achieve the goals I set for myself? Why am not in as good a place as I should be? I sometimes look at others – their careers and all they have and think: why isn’t that me?



Wednesday Wisdom: Thankful

thxful happy ppl picture


















Can you believe that Thanksgiving is tomorrow?! I seem to say this same phrase every year, but “where has this year gone?!” Anyway, I think the above speaks volumes.  Let’s really think about this for a second – “It’s not happy people who are thankful, it’s thankful people who are happy.”  How true is this guys?!  I have to admit it, but I’ve found myself wishing more often  I had more. More money, more clothes, more opportunity, etc. I’m so busy thinking about what I don’t have that I’m not taking the time to think about what I do have; what I’m lucky to have.



Wednesday Wisdom: Keep the Faith













Short and sweet today. The above are truly words that hit close to home right now and encourage me to “keep the faith”, keep going, never give up and always try to stay positive. Life isn’t always easy, but taking the good with bad and trying to keep a positive outlook through it all is always going to help you through tough times.

Conquering negativity can be a hard thing to do sometimes and it’s an ongoing battle, but one that can always be won.


xo,  Stephanie 



Wednesday Wisdom: Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back

















You’ve heard the famous saying “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Well, I think both FDR and Jack Canfield had the same idea. It really is true – the only thing holding you back from from pursuing your dreams, going after what you want, taking that next and sometimes scary and risky step is fear. This really holds true to my life right now.



Wednesday Wisdom: Confidence Is Beautiful!












Ladies, we’re going to keep it short and sweet today. The above is so hard sometimes to accomplish, isn’t it? Despite being a happy and confident person, I for one have had a continual struggle with this. We say we don’t care what other people say or think about us, but let’s be real, we do. Someday I hope to accomplish the above.


xoxo,  Stephanie