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{Style} Green With Envy



Green with envy. Why? Why you ask? Well, it may be due to the fact that when these pictures were taken it was warm, sunny any very spring-ish outside. Now, winter has hit us hard once AGAIN. Ugh. it’s time for spring you guys.



Funky Valentines

Funky Valentine ---TEST






















Ah February….the month of love. All about finding your “Valentine” ….or so I’ve heard. Yes, that’s right people I have no valentine for Valentine’s Day this year. Before you start pitying me though, fear not – I’m ok with it. While I’m not quite sure what I’ll be doing with my obvious single status on the day of love, I do know what I’d wear if I have plans. Let’s call it a mix of classic feminine with a funky edge. And of course, ya know…. a little pink never hurt anyone.



Old Man Winter Got Nothing on Me!


















Even if it’s not chronologically “official” yet, there is no denying that winter is HERE! I’m truly loving the ice blue hue right now, however, as cold as it was this day, my fingers and other extremities ended up turning almost that color before this shoot was over! Brrrrrrrrr!




Leather-tude - Glam Slam!

















Leather is an attitude.  Let’s be honest here. When you see a man or woman walking down the street decked out in a great leather jacket, pants or boots, don’t you think to yourself “What a bad-ass!” Ok, maybe not quite that, but it does give off a certain air of confidence that you can’t help but notice.  Is it just me?

I very well might be in the beginning stages of going crazy here thinking leather has an actual “attitude”, but what can I say? I really am loving this leather trend we have going on right now!