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In Between


















I’m a bit “in between” in this post. What do I mean? Well, friends, I’m  a bit in between manicures. The first thing that I see when I look at these pictures are my naked nails! I know, I know, kind of trivial thing to be worried about, but I just can’t help it.  Unlike here and here, my nails are totally bare here! If you’re a gal who changes her polish several times a week religiously, “naked nails” aren’t a very cute look in her mind.



The Short of the Story




















Pay attention very closely to the above picture. The above is something you’ve never seen before on this blog – me wearing shorts.  This may not seem like such a big deal, but to me it is. Like every woman, there are certain things about my body I’d like to change and things that I’m uncomfortable with.  For the past few years I’ve rarely worn shorts at all. Don’t get me wrong, I love shorts, especially distressed denim cut offs, but for whatever reason, lately I’ve feel quite self conscious wearing them.



Coral, Stripes and Bling!

OOTD -  CORAL, STRIPES AND BLING video thumbnail pic
















outfit details:  top – the limited, capri’s – lane bryant, heels – nine west, sunglasses – steve madden, necklace 1 & 2 – the limited, bracelets – forever 21, ring – express, clutch – express


Decided to change things up a bit with this outfit post! Presenting me in “live action“! Haha! Just yet another example of me going to my “happy place” fashion-wise in some more great bright color. Coral is a very coveted color so far this spring season in both fashion and makeup. Fine with me! Coral is a color I’ve always loved and will definitely continue to love throughout this spring and coming summer season!

What bright colors have you been loving so far?


xo, Stephanie

It’s Just A Little Windy!












PIC 02
















PIC 03










PIC 04
















PIC 05










PIC 06





































Outfit Details:  blazer – kohl’s , top – the limited (great glam emerald option here), jeans – old navy , heels – nine west , rings – forever 21 and old navy (cute ones here and here), necklace – the limited


Note to self:  pick a day to shoot that is not ridiculously windy. Second note to self:  pick a time of day when the sun isn’t blinding you. I kinda had a problem finding some pictures to use where my eyes weren’t either closed or I was squinting. Hey, your live and you learn, right?

Anyways, here we go, my first outfit post in….how long? Too long. This week has had me in full New York Fashion Week mode. Even though I’m NOT THERE, with amazing things like Twitter, Live Stream, Style.com, WWD, and more, I sure feel like I am.  I someday plan and hope to be able to actually attend in person one year.

If I were there this year, I think this outfit would be a cute option to where out and about to shows. Although, I’d probably jazz it up a bit with a bit more bling, oversized sunnies , a great bag and maybe a different pair skinny jeans.  In encompasses three major trends this season – emerald, leopard print and tweed. I thought about adding in a few more trends, but then I thought, maybe that would be too trendy.    😉

What are some of your favorite trends that you’ve been rocking lately?










What Fashion Means to Me


What does fashion mean to you? This is something that has been running through my mind lately. I recently started a new job. I am now part of the leadership team at The Limited in my city! Yay! I am so happy to be part of this company and to represent the brand. I love them and have shopped there for years and years. I LOVE the new artistic and creative direction that brand has taken lately.  Check out some awesome looks from the new collection, here.

In a company training video detailing the brand’s Spring 2012 Campaign that I watched today, Elliot Staples, Sr. Vice President of Design at The Limited, posed the very question, “What does fashion mean to you?”  This really got me thinking.