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Birthday Girl

So, I took the “big plunge” this weekend; I turned 30! OMG! I’ve been dreading this for a little while now, so when the day rolled around, I decided to take it with stride and continue on and be fabulous! This is definitely a new direction and era in my life and I’m ready to take it on!


Summer Statement


Fashion to me is all about taking risks and making a statement; expressing yourself. Well, this day I decided to definitely make a statement of my own with this ensemble in a few different ways.  Technically summer isn’t officially here yet (at least chronologically), but I don’t care! I’m still making a “summer statement” here!


Life Goes On

Life goes on. Life goes on……

These few words have been drumming through my head lately over the past few days.  I’ve been through an emotional roller coaster as of late and it’s really been starting to drag me down. What happened you ask? Well, let’s just say that I’ve been forced to make some unexpected decisions career-wise that I didn’t expect or see coming. Major Bummer! But alas, like the Beatles song says, Life goes on.


Serpent Queen

Today was the first day, after almost an entire week of rainy and icky weather, that it was sunny and warm.  So, I thought it perfect to go grab some brunch with some friends and then take a little stroll in the park. Beautiful sunny weather makes me so happy and when I can I take any chance I can to go  soak it all up!


Color Spotted


This particular Sunday morning I was in a particularly good mood while getting ready to meet friends for brunch. I’m a naturally happy and laid back person, but when I’m in an especially good mood, I usually tend to gravitate toward bright colors when it comes to my outfit for the day. However, today I decided to do things a different way.