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Wednesday Wisdom: Ideals of Beauty

a beautiful soul

a beautiful soul



We’ve all heard the saying “eyes are the windows to the soul.” Well, what if they truly were? What if by peering into the eyes of another human being we truly could see the soul. What do you think we’d see? These very thoughts popped into my head when I saw the above photo on Pinterest last week.

Such a beautiful, beautiful message. Putting on a new dress, wearing a dramatic red lipstick, going to the salon, it’s how what we do on the outside makes us feel on the inside; how it soothes our soul. I truly believe that true beauty come from within.


xo, Stephanie 














Happy Monday! Thought I’d start off your week with a little a lot of cuteness sure to make you smile! If you follow me on Instagram then the following statement won’t shock you: I am a crazy cat lady. Am I the only one? Haha. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved cats. Don’t get me wrong, I love all animals, but there is just something special about cats.


The Secret Diary of a YouTuber!

Secret Diary of....


Did you ever keep a diary when you were a teenager or a little girl? You know what I’m talking about. It probably was pink and girly,  had a lock on it and only you had the “secret key” to open it. You’d vent about your parents, gush over boys, talk smack about that “mean girl” at your school. It was the inner most workings of your young and crazy teenage mind.

Yep – I plead guilty. My best friend and I in high school actually shared one – yes – we shared one. We though we were so cool. We’d take turns taking it with us to our classes throughout the day and would right all kinds of crazy stuff in it. Oh memories…..


Winter Wonderland



















Changing things up a bit today from our regularly scheduled Wednesday Wisdom posts. The past few days here in Tulsa have been snow filled! I think we ended up getting almost 5 inches of snow! A true winter wonderland outside. This winter wonderland of course brought an unexpected snow day off from work on Friday, which = score!



Insta Glam – Life Latley

PicMonkey Collage  1












PicMonkey Collage  2







PicMonkey Collage











Life via my Instagram lens. You can follow me, @glam__slam , HERE!


1.   Callie looking sooo happy about her morning “close up”.   2.   ootd:  coral, bling and leopard print   3.   Some of my favorite summer lip colors and polishes   4.   Latest outfit post – “Breezy”   5.   Another selfie (I just can’t seem to help myself)   6.   Coffee + fresh strawberries for a Saturday breakfast   7.   Recent purchases from Forever 21 and Kohl’s (SIMILAR peplum option)   8.   My new favorite polish – Essie “Marshmellow”   9.   #tgif   10.   New strappy sandals are a “hoot”!   🙂


xo,  Stephanie




20 Things You Don’t Know About Me! :)

Hello lovelies – I’m still alive! I’ve been unexpectedly taking a few “blog vacations” lately. Let me just say – things have been a bit rough lately for me. However, when the going gets tough I find that a little fun and laughter usually do the trick (laughter is the best medicine). So, when I saw a popular tag on You Tube going around “##Things You May Not Know About Me”, and after seeing Kristina’s video, I thought this would be just thing to get my spirits up! Hey, if you can’t laugh at yourself you’re taking life too seriously, right?  Right.



The Road Has Been A Bit Bumpy Lately























Let me just say – times have NOT been easy for me lately. I’ve tried to keep as much of it to myself as I can and have tried not to let my emotions get the best of me on social media, but the other day I slipped a bit.  I’m usually very good when it comes to keeping my emotions in check publicly, even during the hardest of times, but sometimes, you’ve just got to “let it out” so to speak.