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{Style} Top NOT // Casual Summer Style

Pop of Color - 1












Remember when the top knot was all the rage? Every blogger, celebrity and even us “normal folk” where trying out this new “hairstyle”. Well, up until this post, I had not worn a top knot outside the walls of my house. Why? Well, because I never thought it really looked good on me.

Despite the above, I still kinda don’t think it does. But, it was a laid back Sunday friends and sister did not feel like fussing with her hair. So, I give you – the top NOT. Also I give you my go to casual summer style.


Friday Favorites vol. 11

PIC FOR Fri Favs #11























Things have been a bit quite around here for the past few months. I will say, it has been for good reason. Good things and bad things have transpired, but, all in all, it has all ended up working for the best (more on that later – I promise!). That aside, these past two weeks I’ve been in major packing mode – I moving next week! I’m super excited about having my own place and again and I’ve been in full on “decorating mode”. Let’s just say many, many Pinterest sessions have been had (the picture above is the result of one).


{Style} Green With Envy



Green with envy. Why? Why you ask? Well, it may be due to the fact that when these pictures were taken it was warm, sunny any very spring-ish outside. Now, winter has hit us hard once AGAIN. Ugh. it’s time for spring you guys.



Funky Valentines

Funky Valentine ---TEST






















Ah February….the month of love. All about finding your “Valentine” ….or so I’ve heard. Yes, that’s right people I have no valentine for Valentine’s Day this year. Before you start pitying me though, fear not – I’m ok with it. While I’m not quite sure what I’ll be doing with my obvious single status on the day of love, I do know what I’d wear if I have plans. Let’s call it a mix of classic feminine with a funky edge. And of course, ya know…. a little pink never hurt anyone.



In Between


















I’m a bit “in between” in this post. What do I mean? Well, friends, I’m  a bit in between manicures. The first thing that I see when I look at these pictures are my naked nails! I know, I know, kind of trivial thing to be worried about, but I just can’t help it.  Unlike here and here, my nails are totally bare here! If you’re a gal who changes her polish several times a week religiously, “naked nails” aren’t a very cute look in her mind.



Old Man Winter Got Nothing on Me!


















Even if it’s not chronologically “official” yet, there is no denying that winter is HERE! I’m truly loving the ice blue hue right now, however, as cold as it was this day, my fingers and other extremities ended up turning almost that color before this shoot was over! Brrrrrrrrr!



Art and Culture

Art and Culture 01 - Glam Slam!











It was a great weekend friends! My Mom flew in from my hometown of Atlanta to visit me! I took her all around downtown Tulsa and showed her all the city had to offer. This particular day I took her to the Philbrook Museum for a little “art and culture”.  A true believer in sequins for any occasion  (evidenced here and here ), I thought my Mom coming to visit was the perfect excuse to wear a little sparkle! Although I was afraid I maybe come off at first looking like a candy striper, I’m still loving this new tee!