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{ Review } Kate Spade 2015 Planner!

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So, I have a bit of a confession to make. i may…..may…..be becoming a #planneraddict . I for one have always been one to keep things digital – evernote, google calendar and various other organization apps via my phone. I can’t even remeber the last time I used an actual “paper” calendar/planner until recently, when i discovered the Kate Spade 2015 Planner. Never say never people. This could be only the begining for me. We shall see……..



Holiday Gift Guide 2013: Stocking Stuffers!

Kate Spade – An Homage to NYC

I can’t get over how fun and whimsical Kate Spade’s collection always are. Every time she unveils a new collection, we never no what we’re in for or where she’s going to take us. I loved the inspiration behind her Spring 2013 collection, but this one is even better. I definitely agree with WWD, when they described the collection as celebrating all things New York, fashioning iconic symbols into various fun looks, with Studio 54 also being an influence.

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Kate Spade Spring 2012 Campaign


Pink hair, retro Florence Broadhurst japanese florals, Elton John tracks and beautiful, vibrant and intense color all mixed together in funky chic and mod inspired style. It’s all about Kate! In comes the awesome Kate Spade Spring 2012 campaign! If you follow my blog, then you know that it’s no secret that I love and am obsessed with great bright color and neons for this season. So, when I discovered her ad campaign for Spring 2012, I was obsessed!