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Friday Favorites vol. 14

















It’s FRIDAY ya’ll! 🙂  I don’t know about you, but I think this little puppy has the right idea for weekend plans, yes? 🙂 We’re getting closer to another holiday (read: another long holiday weekend) and I find myself counting down the days, hours and minutes! I know…I’ve got it bad! But, hey, can you blame me?


Friday Favorites vol. 13

















Summer is definitely starting to make it’s mark here it Tulsa. Starting of course I say, as I’m going to miss this low 90 degree weather when it becomes super muggy and 100+ degrees! But hey, it’s pool season and beautiful outside, so I’m not complaining too much.


Friday Favorites vol. 12

Weekend - new post
















Ok, for REAL you guys, is it just me or is coming back to work from a long holiday weekend one of the worst things ever? Ok, maybe I’m being a bit over dramatic here, but still! 😉  That aside though, after a stressful week full of moving stresses and a pinched nerve in my lower back (that STILL hurts and has me walking around feeling a bit “crippled”), I am so very glad my friends that it is the weekend once again!


Friday Favorites vol. 11

PIC FOR Fri Favs #11























Things have been a bit quite around here for the past few months. I will say, it has been for good reason. Good things and bad things have transpired, but, all in all, it has all ended up working for the best (more on that later – I promise!). That aside, these past two weeks I’ve been in major packing mode – I moving next week! I’m super excited about having my own place and again and I’ve been in full on “decorating mode”. Let’s just say many, many Pinterest sessions have been had (the picture above is the result of one).


Friday Favorites vol. 8














Happy Fri-Yay! Hope you’ve had a good week and are ready for the weekend! It’s been a week….I mean a week! Aren’t we all always happy when Friday rolls around, yes? I can’t complain though; I like being busy. Busy weeks aside, I always try and find time to do a little web surfing!

Embarking on “new adventures”, putting a new meaning to the word “contouring”, tropical wedding adventures, proving you can be uber chic and stylish no matter what your size and birthday shenanigans. This sums up what caught my eye on the web this week…..


1. Hallie’s new adventure and her “good bye” to NYC….

2. Jessica’s  “next chapter”…..

3. THIS……all I can say it Whoa!!!

4. A little blogging challenge, run my one of my best blogging buddies, Elembee, that I’ve decided to do!

5. I am one who has always dreamed on going on a fabulous dream tropical vacaction someday. So, naturally, I’ve been obsessed over flowing Kim’s wedding adventures in Maui!

6. LOVE Kristina’s new site redesign! I’ve been meaning to (and have been proscrastinating) on doing a major redesign for my site as well. Stay tuned….

7. To say Sarah is fantastic and I love her to pieces is a major understatement. Love her in this fabulous look book shoot she did recently for Eloquii! Rock on girl!

8. Also, I celebrated my 33rd birthday last week….a little peak into my shenanigans here!


This weekend I’m going to be attending my very first Drillers MLB game since moving to Tulsa in 2009. In case you were wondering, I’m huge baseball fan! Aside from that, I think it looks to be a low-key weekend. A little tiding up and cleaning around the apartment, a little Netlfix marathon or two and a little wine. Not too bad as far as weekend plans go I think.

What are your weekend plans? 


xo,  Stephanie 

Friday Favorites vol. 7


















It’s Friday…..yay! It’s been a busy work week, but a great week nonetheless. As I’m coming out of my “blogging hiatus”, I’ve been reevaluating everything about this blog. From what type of content I want to post, how often I want to post, re-branding or redesigning my site and much more. One thing I have decided for sure is that I really enjoy doing these Glam Round-Up posts (or Fabulous Fridays as I used to call them).


Friday Favorites vol. 6



A gorgeous night at Oktoberfest! See more here


Guys, I have to say, It’s been a long week. Between work during the day, social media consulting/blogging at night, battling a bit of a cold and packing up my apartment for my move next weekend, I’m exhausted. Although I’ve spent most of my weekend continuing to pack, I still was able to get a little relaxation in. However, during this week’s craziness, I was able to enjoy an evening at Tulsa Oktoberfest and it was fun! A nice breakaway and time with friends away from the craziness of the week.

Hope you all had a great week! Here’s what caught my eye on the inter webs this week.