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Fabulous Fridays – Sail Away!

Sail Away!


“Take me away, a secret place, a sweet escape, take me away! Take me away, to better days. Take me away a hiding place…..” Oh,  how those lyrics from Natasha Bedingfield’s “Pocket Full of Sunshine” come to mind every time summer comes around each year! I mean, seriously, don’t we all dream of getting away to a tropical paradise, a “sweet escape”?
Well loves, if you are going to escape to your sweet escape this summer, you have to dress for the occasion, right? Of course, when many people think of the beach and somewhere tropical, more often than not, the popular consensus is to wear bright colors and tropical floral prints. However, a fabulous alternative I think is nautical inspired attire! I love this trend and am really starting to get obsessed with it! My obsession was heightened and put into full drive after seeing this  personal style post by Justin Livingston of Munrowe featuring some fantastic nautical inspired pieces.
Now, I will tell you, the above featured items are not going to fit into everyone’s budget (specifically my own), but keep in mind, these are “fabulous” Fridays, meaning it fabulous fashion fantasy! However, I urge you to check out The Limited, as they have a fantastic and more “budget friendly” nautical piece that I am loooooving! Don’t be surprised if you see it make an appearance in an upcoming outfit post.  😉
Have you or will you be rocking some nautical inspired frocks this summer? I’d love to hear you thoughts on this trend or see your posts!

Fabulous Fridays – Met Gala Glamour






















(From Left to Right):  Diana Argon, Nina Dobrev, Lea Michelle and Solange Knowles


Well, unless you live under a rock, then you know that the Met Costume Gala was earlier this week! I absolutely LOVE and LIVE for this time of year! It’s like the “Fashion Olympics”; even more so than the Emmys and the Oscars in my opinion.  This event, more than any other, is the time for drama and theatrics in fashion. It’s sooooo fabulous! So, what better topic for this week’s Fabulous Fridays post?!


Fabulous Fridays – Remmi and Emmy

I'm in Love with Remi and Emmy

(Counter-clockwise from left:  Flatiron Brook Satchel (white), Bedford Monica Satchell, Flatiron Brook Satchel (orange), Flatiron Paulina Clutch, Glastonbury Woodstock Satchel (yellow), Remi Emmy Glastonbury Python Penny Cross-Body and Glastonbury Woodstock Satchel (similar)  )

*Shop the full collection here*


A little news flash here. In case you didn’t already know (and if you follow my blog or follow me on Twitter you do), I am a bag addict. Just like a fabulous pair of shoes (I’m a shoe-addict too), a bag can make or break an outfit. I have to admit, in the opinions of some, I probably have an unhealthy amount of bags and it’s still a continuously growing collection! I may need help.


Fabulous Fridays – Nail It!


This  Fabulous Fridays post is being dedicated to my new obsession – nail polish! Shown above are some of my favorite polishes of the moment that I’ve been inspired by lately. This spring season we are seeing  some very vibrant, funky and artful nail trends. Just like in this season’s fashion,  beautiful pastels, exciting neons and brights are on trend.