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Friday Favorites vol. 11

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Things have been a bit quite around here for the past few months. I will say, it has been for good reason. Good things and bad things have transpired, but, all in all, it has all ended up working for the best (more on that later – I promise!). That aside, these past two weeks I’ve been in major packing mode – I moving next week! I’m super excited about having my own place and again and I’ve been in full on “decorating mode”. Let’s just say many, many Pinterest sessions have been had (the picture above is the result of one).


Fabulous Fridays: Opposites Attract!

Opposites Attract!




Opposites attract. This is true both in romance my friends and in fashion! Lately we’ve been seeing all kinds of unlikely “mixing and matching” going on. Unusual pairings that you would never normally think would work together  but they do! Print mixing has been a popular favorite recently. However what I’ve loved is truly unlikely pairings being put together and working fabulously.

Above is one of my favorite trends – camo. Being a girl who is attracted to anything sparkly or with sequins like a bug is to a bug lamp, of course I decided to mix in a bit of sparkle with my camo! My advice in making something like this work is to ground the two extremes with a neutral-colored piece, like a pair of pumps of a great bag or clutch and keep your accessories in the same color family as one of the pieces you are wearing. Here I stuck with the pink of the top.

When it comes to thinking of how to mix camo with some other pieces in your wardrobe, just think about this – camo, or the different colors of light and dark green, actually could be considered a neutral. As we all know, neutrals are so easy to pair great color with!

So, what you do think? Would you dare to mix such extreme opposites together? 



Serpent Queen

Today was the first day, after almost an entire week of rainy and icky weather, that it was sunny and warm.  So, I thought it perfect to go grab some brunch with some friends and then take a little stroll in the park. Beautiful sunny weather makes me so happy and when I can I take any chance I can to go  soak it all up!