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Instagram Diary // vol. 1

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Hey ya’ll. So, I always meant to do a regular “Instagram Round-Up” on a semi-weekly or even monthly basis, however, I’ve gotta be honest with you here – I just don’t think me life is interesting enough! ūüėČ ¬†I see other bloggers do these type of round up posts and wow – their lives seem uber fabulous! Of course this isn’t necessarily true ¬†and this is me doing that “comparing yourself to other people thing (personal flaw), but for real though.


Insta Glam – Life Lately

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How’s life been treating you lately? I’m gearing up for Christmas, which is in 7 days!! Can you believe it? If you’re new around here, then I must warn you – I’m obsessed with Instagram. Occasionally I like to share my obsession with you all! Just a few little snaps from my “instagram gallery”. ¬† ¬† ūüėČ


Insta Glam: October in Review

Insta Glam: October in Review 1












October.¬†¬† Halloween costumes, candy corn, glam-o, leather, kitty posers (who recently got their own Instagram account – callieandlizzy ), lots of wine, Oktoberfest and “bootie season”. It was a good month.¬† October to me really is the month that always finally puts me in the “fall mood.”¬† September of course usually is the true start of fall, but for whatever reason, in my mind it’s always been October.¬† Maybe it’s the whole Halloween fun or the candy corn (it’s an addiction during this time of year – I admit it), but October is one of my favorite months!



View From the Top: #OOTD Insta Shots


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Seriously….what is it with the insane popularity of “view from the top” #ootd (“outfit of the day”, something I’m sure the majority of you of course already know) Instagram shots? I see them in my feed daily. While I may have at first been skeptical to even attempt a shot like that myself, it seriously grew on me and I know find myself do said shots almost daily!


Insta Glam – Life Latley

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1.¬†¬† Callie looking sooo happy about her morning “close up”.¬†¬† 2.¬†¬† ootd:¬† coral, bling and leopard print¬†¬† 3.¬†¬† Some of my favorite summer lip colors and polishes¬†¬† 4.¬†¬† Latest outfit post – “Breezy”¬†¬† 5.¬†¬† Another selfie (I just can’t seem to help myself)¬†¬† 6.¬†¬† Coffee + fresh strawberries for a Saturday breakfast¬†¬† 7.¬†¬† Recent purchases from Forever 21 and Kohl’s (SIMILAR peplum option) ¬† 8.¬†¬† My new favorite polish – Essie “Marshmellow”¬†¬† 9.¬†¬† #tgif¬†¬† 10.¬†¬† New strappy sandals are a “hoot”!¬†¬† ūüôā


xo,  Stephanie




Insta Glam – Life Lately






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champagne and cupcakes - ann taylor #whiteparty












kittie cutie pie
























karaoke queens












today's accessories



















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I know it’s been a while guys…so sorry! A lot has been going on lately (more on that later).¬† Just a peak at some of what I’ve been up to lately. Will soon be getting back to a regular posting schedule! xoxo

1.¬† selfie¬†¬† 2.¬†¬† Snap shot from my latest outfit post “Cool Blue”¬†¬† 3.¬†¬† A gorgeous sunny day calls for a great pair of sunnies (obsessed with these) !¬†¬† 4.¬†¬† Cupcakes and champagne from the Ann Taylor #ATWhiteParty celebrating the launch of The Kate Hudson Collection¬†¬† 5.¬†¬† Kitty cutie pie¬†¬† 6.¬†¬† “reflections” in my favorite pair of reflector sunnies from Old Navy (love these from Urban Outfitters) ¬† 7.¬†¬† “Karaoke Queens” – myself and Danica¬†¬† ūüėȬ†¬†¬† 8.¬†¬† A few accessories of the day – Revlon “Just Bitten” lip stain in “lovesick” // Essie “mint candy apple” // Old Navy reflector sunnies // cute peep toe heels



Insta Glam – Life Lately

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makeup danger zone at saks via estee lauder












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1.¬† A Saturday night in¬† 2.¬† Neon gorgeousness in Ann Taylor’s latest collection¬† 3.¬† Makeup heaven at the Estee Lauder counter at Saks¬† 4.¬†¬† Tulsa city views by the river¬† 5.¬† My favorite sandals of the moment – metallic silver gladiators!¬† 6.¬† Latest spring nail polish obsession – Essie “Turquoise and Cacios”¬† 7.¬†¬† Rocking some great coral color¬† 8. ¬† A stunningly beautiful sunrise¬† 9. ¬† Goofing around after completing my first 5k – The Color Run Tulsa¬† 10. ¬† Lizzy vs. the computer¬† 11.¬† An oldie but a goodie – the classic apple martini


xo,    Stephanie  



St. Patrick’s Day Fun




























I’m going to be honest, it’s been a while since I actually went out and truly celebrated St. Patrick’s Day. This is something I changed this year (if you follow me on Instagram, you already know this¬†¬† ūüėČ ). Friends – I had a lot of fun!