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As we are all aware, this month is breast cancer awareness month. Pink is the IT color (and I’m totally fine with that 😉  )! Contrary to popular belief of some, the fashion world is and has been making HUGE strides in the support of breast cancer research and spreading awareness. Designers create exclusive limited addition pieces, brands launch awareness campaigns and more. It is truly touching to me that an industry that many criticize as being so superficial can do so much for such an important cause and truly shows it’s “heart”!


Shopping for a Very Precious Cause!


In case you didn’t know, I am and always will be a HUGE animal lover! I have been lucky enough to have grown up having some of the most special pets in my childhood and memories that will last forever. I truly, truly believe that animals are one of God’s most precious gifts. They enrich our lives, cuddle with us when we are feeling down in the dumps, are eagerly waiting my the door when we get home everyday and love unconditionally. I couldn’t imagine my life not having had the wonderful pets I did growing up, and especially couldn’t imagine my life without my two girls (my cats), Lizzy and Callie. Both of my girls are rescues ( you can learn more about their stories HERE ), and it breaks my heart to think what their fates would have been had I not been able to adopt them.

NOTE:  If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ve “met” them already.  😉

I especially can’t stand to think of pets out there not being loved and cared for the way that they deserve. So, when I came across a post on one of my favorite blogger’s site, the fabulous and one-and-only Profresh Style , regarding the Rescue Paw Foundation , it was something I had to share with you all! The Rescue Paw Foundation is  a charity that fights to raise awareness and funding for No Kill Animal Shelters throughout the country.  Here’s a startling and horrible fact – did you know that nearly 9-11 million animals die in animal shelters each year?

During Fashion Week Socialyte held a gala in benefit of the foundation and to help raise awareness. Now for the best part. For the next two days, Threadflip will be holding an online charity shopping event in benefit of  the cause and the foundation. Go now and check it out loves – some of your favorite bloggers have donated several items that you can shop now!

So, if you are an animal lover like me and cherish your pet, then go shop for one of the most precious causes ever! Help the Rescue Paw Foundation keep animals healthy, alive and happy!  🙂










What’s on My Playlist: Dark Side



When it comes to blogging/writing, one essential element to success for me is to have the right music to listen to. The right musical musings keep me energized, inspired and motivated. This song in particular has been on repeat on my I-Pod lately.  When I first heard it, I instantly connected to it: the rock edge, great beat and story the lyrics told.

After I saw the video I connected to it even more. In the video Kelly Clarkson depicts the struggles that many people go through in today’s world:  unemployment, economic hardships, low self-esteem, domestic problems and even a solider returning back to normal life and the struggles he goes through.  It  made me think about some of the life struggles I’ve been going through lately and what others may think if “they really knew.”

Anyway, I know this may be a little deep, but it’s just something I wanted to share with you and plus – I think it’s a great song!  🙂   This is the first of a series of posts I think I may start doing occasionally to give you a glimpse into what’s on my playlist and what’s been inspiring me lately.

 Is this a type of post you’d like to see more of on the blog? Let me know what you think!














Just a little something that I came across today on Facebook that made me smile!  This just goes to prove in my book that you are beautiful no matter what size you are and is part of what I try to promote through my blog. No matter what size you are, who you are, where you live or how much money you have – NONE OF THAT MATTERS! You can be beautiful, glamourus and fashionable no matter what.

Fashion has no size limit!











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It’s that time again! America is celebrating her  th birhtday! I hope you have wonderful holiday and take some time to relax, have fun with friends and family, toast to Lady Liberty and enjoy a few fireworks! Stay safe and make it a fabulous and glamorous one!










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The above quote that I found on Pinterest really hits home with me right now. In case you’re wondering why and also  why that up until a few days ago, I seemed to drop off the face of the planet (or at least the fashion blogging and social media planet) , well, I’m here to tell you.


The Girls


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My girls, my girls! What can I say? They are my babies, my “children” and two of the loves of my life. I know this sounds slightly obsessive (hello crazy cat lady), but it’s the truth. Yes, yes, I realize this is a fashion blog, but I just wanted to share with you guys two precious and greatly important parts of my life.


It’s Been 30 Years…



So, today is the day, my 30th birthday! I’ve always loved birthdays, celebrating them and everything they stand for. Well wishes from friends and family, presents (yeah!), an excuse to party excessively, etc. However, I find this one a little different. I’m no longer in my 20’s and I find this being kind of a scary thing to me.

Why is 30 such a big deal to me? I have to be honest, I definitely saw myself being at a different place so to speak at this point of my life. I still have SO much to accomplish professionally, I still someday want to move to New York, get married, have kids, own a home…..the list could go on and on. But, I’ve had many people in my life tell me that your 30’s are the best, maybe even better than your 20’s. Hmmm…….let me ponder on this a second…….

Well, here’s to embarking on an entirely new journey in life. While I’m a little freaked out, at the same time I’m actually kind of excited. I’m older (uggghh!) and wiser, have learned life lessons and have new found strength and perseverance. I’m have my goals and I WILL achieve them, I will be even more fabulous in my 30’s than I was in my 20’s, I will someday and somehow move to NYC (even if I don’t get there till I’m 40…..haha!), will continue on this blogging journey and who knows what else!

So, cheers to my 30’s and to even more fabulous journeys!











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It’s that time again! A happy, happy Cinco de Mayo wish to you lovelies! Go out, have a few drinks, have fun and celebrate….whatever! As always, thanks so much to you, my lovely readers for your support and for being the reason why running this blog is one of the greatest pleasures in my life.  🙂


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