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2013 #SMTulsa Conference – It’s On!

#SMTulsa Conference


I’ve been blogging for a little over a year now. While my reasons for starting are many and varied, the main reasons that always come to mind when I take time to reflect are:  creative freedom and passion.  I know this may seem dramatic, but at the core, this is why I love to blog. I’ve always been a “creative” and have enjoyed writing for as long as I can remember. Being able to write about what you love and be able to do so freely in your own voice, is truely awesome. So, when I discovered the Social Media Tulsa group, it was just a match made in heaven – truly.  Better yet, when I then discovered the #SMTulsa Conference, it was just the “icing” on top of the cake!


The Road Has Been A Bit Bumpy Lately























Let me just say – times have NOT been easy for me lately. I’ve tried to keep as much of it to myself as I can and have tried not to let my emotions get the best of me on social media, but the other day I slipped a bit.  I’m usually very good when it comes to keeping my emotions in check publicly, even during the hardest of times, but sometimes, you’ve just got to “let it out” so to speak.


Please Stand By…

























Hi everyone! Have you missed me, or better yet, been wondering what in the world is going on? Well, what has been “going on”  for the past almost 4 days is the flu!  🙁    I somehow naively thought I was going to be one of the lucky ones and not get the flu this year (yes, even in the middle of what is being called the worst flu epidemic in 10yrs.). Well that definitely turned out not to be the case.

I’m glad to say that I’m  finally starting to feel better and even plan on going back to work tomorrow. Let me tell you, I’ve been going STIR CRAZY! Cooped up inside sick for almost 4 days?! Aaaaahhhh! So, my apologies for the lack of posts and interaction on social media this week! I’m almost back to normal and I have several posts and a video or two planned for this upcoming week….stay tuned!   Before you know it I’ll be strutting around in glittery heels again!  🙂










Tis’ the Season!












I love collecting cute little Christmas figurines. I think I get it from my Mom!


















I’m a “crazy cat lady”, so of course, this is one of my FAVORITE ornaments!
















Of course it’s now an “acceptable” time for Christmas mugs (I have several). This is one of my favorites!




























Essie “Mojito Madness”. This color was very popular during the spring/summer months, but I’m telling you, it may be my new favorite “alternative” to the typical green or bright red for the holidays!












Just finding a way to bring some of my regular decor into “holiday mode”!  🙂












One of the easiest and best ways to start your holiday decorating. Take a few basic ornaments and put them together in a glass bowl!


It is officially the holiday season! I don’t know about you guys, but I am in FULL holiday mode! Christmas by far is one of my favorite holidays.  Just wanted to share a few quick snaps of some of the holiday decor around my apartment. Rest assured though, I am by no means done!  😉

I’m so excited about Christmas, that I started a board on Pinterest, “Holiday Decorating Ideas” (I know – such an original name). Also, if you are on Instagram, I’ve already started snapping several “Christmas themed” pics. Make sure to follow me HERE for more photos full of holiday cheer!

Are you as excited about the holiday season as I am? Are your decorations more traditional or do they have a modern flair?









Today is for our Vetrans













“All great things are simple, and many can be expressed in single words:  Freedom, Justice, Honor, Duty, Mercy, Hope.” – Winston Churchill

Castle of Glass” – Linkin Park

There will never be words that could justifiably and accurately express what this country owes our veterans and our current active duty military. We owe you our lives, our freedoms, the small pleasures we take for granted that many other civilizations in the world do not and may never know. We owe you our love, our way of life and most of all, today, we owe you our love and support. You are men and women of honor and our country holds you in the highest of accord.

Thank you – thank you more than you will EVER know.

Please take time today to say thank you to a veteran or current active duty solider.


P. S. –  Dad, Uncle Brooks, Joe, My cousins Ryan and April, and good friend Latisa – this is for you!  I love you!









Heeeyyyyy Sexy Starbucks!!!


















Image Source:  Polish and Pearls


So, we’re taking a brief hiatus from “Fabulous Fridays” this week. I promise that we’ll be back to regularly scheduled programming next week and I promise it’ll be worth the wait! So, instead, just bringing you  a little humor for your Friday! I mean, come on, how can you not laugh at this? #GangnamStyle Starbucks!   🙂


I Heart Fall !

Fall is in full swing now and the beginning of the holiday season almost upon us! Can you believe that we just got through Halloween already that Thanksgiving and then Christmas and next?! It is truly crazy! For your viewing pleasure above is a video I did for the “I Heart Fall Tag” that has been circulating around You Tube lately.  I probably am the last person on You Tube to do this tag, but nonetheless, I went ahead with it anyway!


Happy Halloween!



























Wishing you all a safe, fun and HAPPY Halloween! In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy it’s a bit hard to get into the Halloween and holiday spirit. However, even if it is something as simple has having a bit of yummy candy corn or watching a good scary movie on TV, it’s the simple things and simple pleasures in life that matter the most.

So, I say to you again – HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a fabulous one!









Calm After the Storm


















An eager nation has been glued to their TV’s over the past 48 hours listening with intense anticiaption at every word their news anchors say regarding the monster that is Hurricane Sandy and the impending havoc she was set to ensue on our East Coast neighbors.  I found myself sitting in front of my television feeling completley helpless and wishing there was soemthing I could do to help my dear friends in the NE; especially in New York. Watching coverage on TV of the aftermath of the storm made me feel like I was watching a movie; surley this really couldn’t be the truth.