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I Met Betsey Johnson!








Have you ever had a moment in your life where you have to pinch yourself to see if what is happening in front of you is REALLY happening? Well, I had one of those moments recently. My “pinch me” moment was when I…..Stephanie Carper….met Betsey Johnson!










I realize this might be a bit of an unusual picture to have in a post about New Years, starting things anew and motivating yourself for 2015, but come on – it’s a really cool gif!


Happy Halloween!!!!

Halloween pic 1



Happy Halloween! Can you believe October is already coming to an end today and that tomorrow is……the first day of November?! Wow. Although it’s not my it’s not my favorite holiday (that is Christmas!), I really do love Halloween. Taking a trip down memory lane and remembering how fun it was dressing up as a kid and going trick-or-treating in the neighborhood is kind of nostalgic. As a kid I was everything from Snow White to a dead prom queen for Halloween (I liked to keep it interesting). This year I decided not to dress up, although I kind of wish I had as many of my co-workers are ‘rockin’ some freakin’ AWESOME costumes…….



{Home Decor} Living Room Inspiration

home decor inspo gg 3











When it comes to my personal style I’m very confident in who I am and what makes me happy and confident. If asked, I’d describe my style as trendy with classic and edgy touches. However, when it comes to my “home decor style”, I’m  still exploring so to speak. At this current time, I’d say I’m fairly eclectic when it comes to home decor. I love mixing vintage and new pieces together, I love trendy pieces and I also love feminine “Parisian chic” touches as well.















Happy Monday! Thought I’d start off your week with a little a lot of cuteness sure to make you smile! If you follow me on Instagram then the following statement won’t shock you: I am a crazy cat lady. Am I the only one? Haha. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved cats. Don’t get me wrong, I love all animals, but there is just something special about cats.


Glam Round-Up #8

PLAID heels














It’s Friday ya’ll! Friday. If you woke up this morning having nothing else to look forward to today, well, there’s that (great cheery opening line Steph) How was your week? I can pleasantly say I had a great week; a productive week – always a good thing. One thing I definitely realized this week is how excited I am for fall! Although the temperatures aren’t very “fall-ish” right now, I am ready for all the season has to bring. With “pumpkin spice EVERYTHING” ( #PSL anyone? ) leaves slowly starting to change and an abundance of fall festivals happening every weekend, fall is here!

A few things that caught my eye on the web this week……



{ Review } Kate Spade 2015 Planner!

kate spade planner review thumbnail










So, I have a bit of a confession to make. i may…..may… becoming a #planneraddict . I for one have always been one to keep things digital – evernote, google calendar and various other organization apps via my phone. I can’t even remeber the last time I used an actual “paper” calendar/planner until recently, when i discovered the Kate Spade 2015 Planner. Never say never people. This could be only the begining for me. We shall see……..



The Secret Diary of a YouTuber!

Secret Diary of....


Did you ever keep a diary when you were a teenager or a little girl? You know what I’m talking about. It probably was pink and girly,  had a lock on it and only you had the “secret key” to open it. You’d vent about your parents, gush over boys, talk smack about that “mean girl” at your school. It was the inner most workings of your young and crazy teenage mind.

Yep – I plead guilty. My best friend and I in high school actually shared one – yes – we shared one. We though we were so cool. We’d take turns taking it with us to our classes throughout the day and would right all kinds of crazy stuff in it. Oh memories…..