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Friday Favorites vol. 4




One of the things I love most about blogging is the community. Meeting new bloggers and discovering their unique blogs and points of view is so fun. I’ve met (both IRL and online) so many  amazing fellow bloggers, many of them friends that I think I’ll have for a long time. I’m always on the look out for new blogs to check out. However, I also always end up returning to a few old favorites.

I’ve decided to started doing these weekly round-ups to show you some stories and bloggers I loved for the week as well as talk sometimes talk about a few news stories or goodies I’ve been obsessed with! Just a few of my favorite things.  🙂

Here are this past week’s favorites. Give them a look and show some love!  😉

  1.  Love Halie’s version of a “wearable blanket”:
  2. The Budget Babe shows us three fabulous ways to style boyfriend jeans 
  3. Megan’s  chickpea & zucchini burgers look AMAZING!!! – 
  4. One of the most gorgeous examples of bracelet stacking (or as I like to call it #armparty  )  I’ve ever seen!
  5. Don’t be afraid to be a copycat
  6. NO ONE deserves to be poked fun at 
  7. The Vogue Cover “Controversy”???? 


P.S. – a reader survey here: do you miss my Fabulous Fridays posts? Do you want me to bring them back? I appreciate your advice and opinions. Thanks lovelies!


xo  Stephanie

Friday Favorites – Vol. 3


happy weekend















The week is finally coming to and end and the weekend is almost here! I always look forward to Friday, for obvious reasons, because let’s face it – Fridays are fabulous. But at the same time, sometimes Fridays can be hard. You’re already tired and drained from the week and still have to muster enough patience to get through the day when all you want to do is relax. Anyone else feel that way sometimes?



Friday Favorites vol. 2

eat.sleep.wear HEART pic


















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Happy Friday! Boy am I glad the weekend is coming! So, I thought we’d change things up a bit with Fabulous Fridays posts. Traditionally I would do a Polyvore set or Photoshop collage focusing on a particular trend for the week and how to style it. While I loved doing this, it started to become somewhat difficult to come up with a new trend each week.



Friday Favorites vol. 1

JL for Dior

















Happy Friday lovelies!  As you can already see, this week’s  Fabulous Fridays post is a bit different. I’ve been thinking about changing things up a bit when it comes to these weekly Friday  posts. Usually I highlight a current popular trend, which I enjoy doing, however, I’m thinking of changing the theme a bit.

I’d like to expand the content covered in each post. Maybe it will be a trend I’m loving. Maybe a current event or a few of the favorite blog posts or stories I’ve read during the week.  It could even be a round-up of things. What do you think? I need your help and opinion. What would you like to see? You opinion and advice is welcomed. Feel free to leave a comment below letting me what you think!