Paris Fashion Week Round-Up


” Oh, malheur à moi”! Paris Fashion Week ended a few days ago and now since that concludes all of this year’s fashion weeks on our “virtual European fashion excursion”, I think I’m going through withdrawal! 🙁   As expected, just like New York, London and Milan, Paris was glamorous, chic and amazing! Hey, what else would you expect from “the city of lights” and one of the undisputed fashion capitals of the world?!

This year’s Paris runways brought lots of chic white (the color of the season it seemed), beautiful iridescent and shimmery fabrics, an ode to 40’s and 60’s glamour, awesome patterns, rich jewel tones and light and delicate pastels, gorgeous gowns and classic french elegance.


Fashion’s Future “It Boy”: Adam Farman!

Alexander Wang, Jason Wu, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors…..they all had to start somewhere, right? Well, I think I have discovered the “next big thing”! This past Sunday I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing local Tulsa based (at least “for now” he says) aspiring fashion designer Adam Farman, who I predict as being fashion’s  next big star!


Presenting Jason Wu for Target!!!!!

Extra, extra, read all about it….Jason Wu will be debuting a collection for Target in early Spring 2012!!!! When I woke up this morning and saw this “headline” on Twitter I was soooooo stoked! As can be seen in some of my past posts, I was very excited about the Missoni for Target collection that debuted earlier this fall, but, I think I am even more excited about Jason Wu! Wu’s limited edition collection for Target will consist of clothes, scarves and handbags and will debut in stores and online on Feb. 5th.


Beauty Trend Alert: “Mirrored” Nails

One thing that I enjoy following just as much and as avidly as fashion is the latest beauty trends. One trend that I am in love with right now is the “mirrored” nail trend. We’ve seen many nail trends lately this season like bright colors, pastel colors, leopard print, lace nail art and others. This trend is my favorite!

Channel nail polish in "Kalediscope"


Dark and Edgy Fashion on ANTM: All-Stars!


I have always loved “America’s Next Top Model”. I’ll admit, I’ve been watching since season 1! So far I am absolutely loving “America’s Next Top Model: All-Stars“; even more so I think than the regular ANTM! I look forward to it every Wednesday! As we know (those of us who have been watching for a couple of seasons), throughout the seasons of ANTM, Tyra has set-up some of the most exciting, high-fashion, boundary-pushing and edgiest photos shoots most of us have probley ever seen. However, in this week’s episode, I think this was the edgiest one yet!


Milan Fashion Week is over, but it was “fantastico”!

Milan Fashion week just ended this past Sunday and now it’s on to the next European fashion capital….Paris (more on that later as it is happening right now) ! However, the fashion during this year’s MFW did not disappoint! It was a fabulous mixture of bright and vibrant colors and patterns, lady-like inspiration,some retro inspiration and all of the drama and passion that comes with amazing Italian fashion!

It was “bella e chic” and was brought to fruition by some well-known and  legendary Italian fashion powerhouses like Gucci, Prada, Versace, Missoni, Roberto Cavali, Fendi and so many more incredibly talented designers ! I have included below my favorite collections.



PRADA:   Miuccia Prada was definitely channeling the 60’s in this year’s collection. Very lady-like silhouettes and 60’s glam with a rock’n’roll twist. I love Miuccia’s interpretation!



Check out the best piece in the show:





VERSACE: Donnatella Versace seemed to be thinking of her summer beach vacation while designing this collection. It was very “under the sea” (you remember the song from the Disney movie “The Little Mermaid”?). The collection was very calming and sometimes ethereal. Beautiful light pastel greens, yellows and blue. Many pieces included embroidered images of seahorses, mermaids and starfish. But, it still had that Versace drama! 🙂



GUCCI: This is where the “retro inspiration” comes in again. Gucci presented a beautiful collection with beautiful color including emerald greens, gold and classic black and white. Much of the collection was channeling the 80’s with many cropped pants and blazer combos, along with a fabulous collection of drop waisted dresses, while still keeping everything modern. Like Prada, I love Gucci’s interpretation of another classic era in fashion history.



MISSONI:  Ahhh….Missoni! What can I say? This year’s collection had to be the most fun, energetic and colorful collection of MFW! To summarize it, it was somewhat “gypsy” inspired and  was full of dresses, one-shouldered blouses and skirts with ruffles galore and bright beautiful colors. During an interview with Women’s Wear Daily, when describing the collection, Angela Missoni describes “her woman” like this, ” She’s a very happy girl; full of life. She’s been dancing all night and is coming home in the early morning….” . Not everyone would be able to pull of wearing something like this, but I still love Missoni and their unique aesthetic and inspiration they bring forth to each of their collections.




PUCCI:  If you watched this year’s Emmy Awards, you are already familiar with the Pucci Spring/Summer 2012 collection……remember the black midriff bearing black sequined two piece dress that Gwyneth Paltrow wore that caused a stir in the fashion world? Not only did we see that ensemble finally debuted on the runway, but many other ensembles of the same nature: gypsy-inspired, midriff baring, bright colors and all out incredibly chic resort summer wear. Gorgeous!



JIL SANDER: If you follow the latest news in the fashion industry and you somehow were not familiar with Jil Sander, you definitely are now with all of the controversy and drama surrounding rumors of the possibility of Raf Simons, the creative force behind the label, leaving to head up YSL. Well, luckily this proved to be false and we should consider ourselves lucky as this collection was so incredibly amazing and after this, we want to keep seeing more from Mr. Simons!

In my opinion, the collection was a wonderful concoction of 60’s housewife meets Alice in Wonderland meets today’s modern woman, and the music Simons has the models strutting to seems to support that theme. I believe that it by far was the most imaginative and artistic collection!



DOLCE AND GABANNA: drama, drama, drama, bright dramatic hanging light installations, Southern Italy, delicious food and Mambo Italiano described this year’s collection….really! Maybe Stefano Gabanna can describe their inspiration the best. During an interview with Women’s Wear Daily, Gabanna said this of the collection, ” There is a connection about food and style of life,” he said during a preview of the collection, ” The food is important. It’s a good message. It is happiness; it is life.”




Well friends, that’s it for our stop in Milano! But no need to worry….our next virtual European destination is none other than Paris!









Sexy Fashion Commerical Alert!


I was on You Tube earlier today checking out some of the Milan Fashion Week shows and preparing to write a MFW blog post when I all of sudden, and for some random reason, started thinking about Calvin Klein and realizing I hadn’t checked out his latest collection! I have always loved Calvin Klein for his always modern, chic and luxurious designs; “simple, clean, luxe” I like to say. So, I looked him up on You Tube planning on finding a video of the fashion legend’s latest collection during this past NYFW, but instead unexpectedly came across one the sexiest and most sensual fashion commercials I had ever seen!

By no means is this “new” news in the fashion industry as the commercial debuted during last year’s Golden Globes, and I do remember seeing it air, but it is something I really liked and would like to share with you guys! This was a commercial I had temporarily forgotten ( boy I don’t know how!), but when I saw it again it seemed even better! 😉


The commercial stars Tyson Ballou (whom I think is one of the most beautiful male models and one of my favorites…hehe) and the beautiful Lara Stone.

What do you guys think?

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London Fashion Week- my favorite collections

london fashion week logo

London Fashion Week was 09/16-09/20, so it  was time to say “cherrio”  a few days ago, but I am left amazed; there were so many beautiful collections, that I do not even know where to start! While I wasn’t able to be an international traveling diva this year and travel to jolly ole’ England  to see the shows in person, like I mentioned in my post earlier this month about NYFW, through the magic of You Tube and great sites like and WWD, I was able to be “part of the action”.

This year LFW didn’t disappoint with beautiful pastel colors, bright vibrant color, feminine florals and a mixture of  ultra-fem with a touch of hard edge, very elegant and theatrical, focus on hand crafting with hand beading and crocheting, odes to 40’s and 50’s flair and much more.


My current obsession…..

I love the changing of the season, not only for the beauty of the leaves turning beautiful bright reds, yellows and oranges, the cooler temperatures and the holidays that come with it (i.e. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas), but also and most importantly if I do say so,  for the new fashion trends! I am loving fall trends we have now;polka dots, bright beautiful colors, leopard print, elegant/luxurious fur pieces (faux fur for me!), florals, graphic patterns, etc. HOWEVER, right now my current fashion obsession for this season is some fabulous shoes (in case I haven’t otherwise stated in any of my previous posts, shoes not only are a MAJOR obsession for me, but a sort of fetish! LOL!) I recently came across from designer Vince Camuto.


Alert….the fabulous Christian Siriano is coming to a store near you!


Whose a Project Runway fan? I so definitely am and  have been watching since season 1! Through all of the seasons so far, one of my absolute favorite designers and winners was Christian Siriano. The spunky, fun, and energetic designer’s personality was just “contagious” and I always loved his pieces and couldn’t wait to see what he’d do next! When he launched his first line I was giddy with excitement. The problem is though, despite my excitement and enthusiasm, his clothes were somewhat (ok, ok….. a lot) out of my price range.