The Fall Boots Crusade

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again….I am a shoe-a-holic! So, like any good junkie, I have to keep feeding my habit. Here is my current binge….on the hunt for a pair of two of fabulous fall boots!

Boots are hot this fall season and the possibilites are endless: stilletto heeled, equestrian style, fringe, harness, silver rhinestones (a.ka. the amazing pair of Steve Madden silver rhinestone booties one of my favorite fellow fashion bloggers “Pretty Shiny Sparkly” sported in this recent outfit post), etc. What I need is a pair of black heeled boots that I could wear casually and dress up for office wear with a pair of slacks, a brown pair for the same purpose and then finally a fun, flirty fabulous pair ( told you I wasn’t boring) to wear for evening.

Of course there is no shortage here so I have a lot to choose from. I’ve browesed several stores like DSW, Macys and Dillards and have further feed my addiction online browsing on and Piperlime. I have it narrowed down to a few select choices. Below I have listed what I’ve recently been eyeing.











Lisbeth Sander meets High Fashion….



                                      Have I got your attention yet????

Bleached eyebrows, bloody hands, crazy spiked hair and a chic Burberry Prossum leather jacket??? What do you think of when you look at this photo? What do you “see”? Do you see fashion? To me the above photo is another amazing example of where fashion pushes boundaries; mixing masculine with feminine, hard with soft and dark with chicness.


Tis the Season for Holiday Beauty

I will admit that when I see people who already have their Christmas decorations up now, only a few days after Halloween, I think that it is just way too early. However, It is never too early to start talking about some fabulous holiday beauty collections! Many, many popular cosmetics companies already have their holiday collections out. I’ve listed below a few of my favorite collections that I think will help you feel the season and be glamorous and fabulous.

Note: not all of the below are exclusive holiday collections, but they are all collections that I believe will work for the holiday and add that extra pizzazz to your holiday look.

The perfect finishing touch to your holiday look is the right make-up look! 🙂



Ann brings the couture to Tulsa…..

Hello my Lovlies!

I mentioned a few days ago that I would be attending the fabulous grand-opening event of the new Ann Taylor concepts store here in Tulsa. Well, the event was this past Saturday and it was soooo amazing! The store is so incredibly chic, beautiful, elegant and is in my opinion very “couture-inspired”.

With this new store being located in a mall, at first you might think that this is just like any other  Ann Taylor store; even though you love Ann and believe it is fine, modern and high quality fashion, you’re probley thinking “it’s a chain store and they’re all the same”. Sister….boy are you wrong!

When I said a few days ago think “champagne, glamor and chandeliers” when it came to this new store, I wasn’t kidding!


All Hallows Eve is upon us my pretties…..but you can still be fabulous!


I hope everyone had fun over the weekend and put forward their Halloween best! Of course we all know that this holiday we can all sometimes go over the top with crazy, funny and outlandish costumes (I know I have over the years). However, while on one of my favorite sites Polyvore, I found that you can still be fabulous and fashionable too on Halloween if you so choose.

So…..without further adeu, I present my Halloween edition Polyvore set!




Halloween edition


Halloween edition by glamarista featuring a crepe dress


What do you think? Have you created you own Halloween version set on Polyvore? If you have not yet discovered the fun of Polyvore, do so now !
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Fashion Alert: Grand-Opening event of Ann Taylor Concepts store in Tulsa 10/29!

Hello Tulsa fashionistas!

Major news!!! A new glamourous and “couture” inspired Ann Taylor concepts store is opening right here in Tulsa!  New York inspired fashion comes to Tulsa!

Guess what? Yours truly has been invited to the event to cover it! I’ll be tweeting live from the event. 

Guess what else? You’re invited too! There will be a live DJ, refreshments, sweets, raffles, and a gift with any purchase over $100.

Come join me!

FYI: Demi is wearing one of my absolute favorite shirts I’ve seen in this season’s new items so far! Love the sequins and sparkle!


DKNY PR GIRL Revealed!!!!

dkny pr girl

I don’t know about you, but I am an avid follower of DKNY PR Girl on Twitter and am addicted to reading her Tumblr posts. I mean how fabulous is it to get an exclusvie inside look into the inner workings of one of the most amazing fashion houses in the world! For quite some time DKNY PR Girl has been teasing us under a “veil of anonimity”. Well, no more! The woman behind the magic has been revealed in an exclusive You Tube video! Love it!

See her “coming out” party: :



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“Feeling the Power of the Pink”: Fashion Cares and a Personal Story

breast cancer ribbon

This month is all about “painting the town pink”! Yes, unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you are fully aware that this month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Everyone is “feeling the power of the pink” and is doing their part to help spread awareness and raise money to find a cure. When I say everybody, I mean everybody: celebrities, companies and of course the fashion world!

I honestly have to say that I am very touched by how the fashion world is paying it forward and doing so much in the fight for a cure. Some of our favorite designers are creating exclusive “mini collections” or special pieces for the cure this month, high-powered celebrities are saying “the force is with you” through exclusive fashion pieces and well known fashion retailers launch beautiful collections.


Some of my favorite things the fashion world is doing for the cause:


Ann Taylor Loft- BCRF Collection :

One of my favorite stores that I frequent when I’m in the need for some fab ‘casual chic’ pieces, has partnered with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) and created an exclusive collection of limited edition T-shirts and jewelry.

T-SHIRTS: for every t-shirt purchased, $5 will go to BCRF. The t-shirts were inspired by the stories of three real women whose stories inspired the shirts and symbolizing: strength, inspiration and support.


A ‘fashion tribute’ to the iconic Steve Jobs


Hello my Lovlies!

Hope everyone is having a great day so far! It is absolutely beautiful in Tulsa today; how is the weather in your city? I had a few free moments, so I wanted to share something I though was pretty cool with you all.

I recently joined a fun online community called Polyvore recently and have to say I am hooked! It is so fun! Polyvore is a really cool community site for online style where users are empowered to discover their style and set trends. You are able to create your own “sets” or “collections” by picking out some of your favorite pieces from this season and displaying them and your “style” on your profile . It is also a great way to just have some laid back fashion fun and connect with fellow fashion enthusiasts from all around the world.

I was online on the site today and came across several “sets” Polyvore had created in honor of Steve Jobs and I’d like to share them with you guys.


Polyvore Tribute to the iconic Steve Jobs: 



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