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Sexy Fashion Commerical Alert!

Here we go again! More sexy fashion commercials (well, really fragrance ads, but still counts)! This has become a minor “guilty pleasure” of mine; especially when it involves gorgeous male models. 🙂

Anyway, in our first addition, we “discussed” a hot Calvin Klein ad I came across on You Tube during the throws of NYFW earlier this year. Today it all goes those fabulous Italians! Dolce and Gabbana recently started airing ads for their new fragrance Light Blue. In these commercials featured are a beautiful Italian male model who is wearing nothing but a scantily clad white speedo (which doesn’t leave much to the imagination) enjoying an outing at the beach with “lady friend”, and equally gorgeous supermodel.

So, if that wasn’t enough, here’s another one for ya!

(With a different model…..interesting 😉  )

I am a big fan of Dolce and Gabbana. Their collections year after year are always artful, fun, ever-evolving and fashion forward. I now am an even bigger fan of their fragrance ads! 😉

So, this concludes my “guilty pleasure” for the day.

What are some of your favorite “guilty pleasure” fashion or designer fragrance ads?




Oscar de le Renta Pre-Fall 2011/2012 Fashion Show

I love watching fashion shows on You Tube! I’ll admit it, it’s definitely a major guilty pleasure of mine. What I enjoy even more is getting to share awesome shows like this (ahhh…..the glory of You Tube).

So, when I saw the tweets from Oscar PR Girl regarding the upcoming Oscar de le Renta Pre-Fall 2011/2012 show and that the  show was going to be  broadcast live on her Tumblr site, I was beyond ecstatic! Of course at the time I was at work, so I couldn’t watch. So, as soon I got home, I logged onto her Tumblr site.

What I bore witness to was what I can only describe as pure art, beauty and elegance.


P.S.- I now want every single piece in this collection!






I am an avid believer in adding a little “daily sparkle” to each outfit, whether it be via some fun accessories, a dress, shirt, sweater, shoes, etc. Today is an example of what I like to call “Casual Glam“. The sparkle here comes in my purple (actually I kind of think it’s maybe even more purplish pinkish) cardigan.