2013 Most Glamorous Moments!

Now is the time of year where many bloggers are putting together posts with a collection of they’re favorite outfit posts of the year – the trendiest, most fabulous, edgiest, glamorous, etc. Well friends, I decided to do things a bit differently. Inspired by corals + cognacs recent outfit outtakes post, I present:

My favorite outtakes….bloopers….of 2013!



















Wednesday Wisdom: Finding Your Path













Let me be honest for a moment. While I absolutely LOOOVE Christmas and the true meaning behind it, sometimes this time of year I occasionally find myself wishing I had more. I look at the past year and think – what could I have done better? Did I successfully achieve the goals I set for myself? Why am not in as good a place as I should be? I sometimes look at others – their careers and all they have and think: why isn’t that me?



Holiday Gift Guide 2013: Stocking Stuffers!

Insta Glam – Life Lately

PicMonkey Collage 3












How’s life been treating you lately? I’m gearing up for Christmas, which is in 7 days!! Can you believe it? If you’re new around here, then I must warn you – I’m obsessed with Instagram. Occasionally I like to share my obsession with you all! Just a few little snaps from my “instagram gallery”.     😉


Friday Favorites – Vol. 3


happy weekend















The week is finally coming to and end and the weekend is almost here! I always look forward to Friday, for obvious reasons, because let’s face it – Fridays are fabulous. But at the same time, sometimes Fridays can be hard. You’re already tired and drained from the week and still have to muster enough patience to get through the day when all you want to do is relax. Anyone else feel that way sometimes?



Winter Wonderland



















Changing things up a bit today from our regularly scheduled Wednesday Wisdom posts. The past few days here in Tulsa have been snow filled! I think we ended up getting almost 5 inches of snow! A true winter wonderland outside. This winter wonderland of course brought an unexpected snow day off from work on Friday, which = score!



Wednesday Wisdom

WW quote












Ok friends, for those of you on the east coast, this is coming to you after Wednesday (we could call it just”….Wisdom”).  The above is so true in my mind and speaks almost to the very core of why I started my blog.  Everyone has to find their own individual style, and when you find “your style” and what makes you feel confident about yourself, you can never go wrong.



Glamspiration: Winter Whites

Glamspiration: Winter Whites
Shop the trend: , T by Alexander Wang Crepe Blazer , MOTO White Leigh Jeans , ABA Pointed Ankle Boots , Alexander Wang Roccco Bag 
You know that rule, “No white after Labor Day?” Yea, me neither.  Can you think of an easier color to rock than white? Timeless. Chic. Works for everybody. Like I said (and the rest of the fashion world for….like….the past decade), no more is the pesky “no white after labor day” rule. White is rockin’ for winter ya’ll! Whether it’s full on white-on-white head to toe, an all white manicure, white booties or a great white jacket or blazer, there are pieces that will work for everyone and allow anyone to rock this trend.

In Between


















I’m a bit “in between” in this post. What do I mean? Well, friends, I’m  a bit in between manicures. The first thing that I see when I look at these pictures are my naked nails! I know, I know, kind of trivial thing to be worried about, but I just can’t help it.  Unlike here and here, my nails are totally bare here! If you’re a gal who changes her polish several times a week religiously, “naked nails” aren’t a very cute look in her mind.