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It’s FRIDAY ya’ll! 🙂  I don’t know about you, but I think this little puppy has the right idea for weekend plans, yes? 🙂 We’re getting closer to another holiday (read: another long holiday weekend) and I find myself counting down the days, hours and minutes! I know…I’ve got it bad! But, hey, can you blame me?

Friday Favorites this week…..

  1. Great tips on making your apartment rental a home
  2. Very touched by Julia’s courage sharing her story of her miscarriage. This sadly is something many woman never talk about ( which I can understand). You’re a strong, driven and passionate woman, whose story I know will help so many others!
  3. Grace proves here that age truly is just number
  4.  Kimberly is telling her “hair story“. It’s personal, beautiful and inspiring
  5. There is NOTHING curvy girls can’t do!
  6. Pool time is in full swing here in Tulsa…it’s HOT! Got my eye on this cover up
  7. My style is as eclectic as I am most time. But, sometimes, just sometimes, I do like girly ruffles for summer
  8. Sometimes I also like to wear a “goofy smile” and hot pink
  9. My good friend Lisa just started a podcast with her boyfriend…and it’s AWESOME!
  10. The tragedy in Orlando is still and forever will crush my heart (I wrote about my feelings here), but, I love Megan’s personal and honest story about her feelings and personal struggles.


Wishing you a great weekend my friends! And, it the heat is starting to get as unbearable for you in your city as it is here for me in Tulsa, please be safe and stay hydrated!


xo, Stephanie

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