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Hey ya’ll. So, I always meant to do a regular “Instagram Round-Up” on a semi-weekly or even monthly basis, however, I’ve gotta be honest with you here – I just don’t think me life is interesting enough! 😉  I see other bloggers do these type of round up posts and wow – their lives seem uber fabulous! Of course this isn’t necessarily true  and this is me doing that “comparing yourself to other people thing (personal flaw), but for real though.

But, like I said before, things are going to be getting more real around here, and why not show what I’ve been up to. Might not be super fabulous or the most beautifully curated Instagram account you’ve ever seen, but it’s me! I used to call these posts Insta Glam (that may be a blessing, as it took me a while to finally figure out how to properly format them 😉 #learningcurve ), but going forward, that is changing and we’ll go with “Instagram Diary”.

So, like I mentioned above, It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these round-up posts here. The past few months have been a bit crazy, with lots of changes happening, but here’s a bit of what transpired….

  1. Discovered I have an obsession with constantly having fresh flowers in my home
  2. Found new inspiration and creativity I thought I’d lost
  3. Started a new job in beautiful downtown Tulsa
  4. Cats…
  5. I moved, which = I’m now deep in decorating mode
  6. More cats…
  7. Became overjoyed that there is now a Trader Joe’s in Tulsa
  8. Got my hair ‘did
  9. More cats (Confession – I accidentally included this picture in the collage twice, but it was so cute, instead of fixing it, I decided to leave it)
  10. Working on some new goals/projects for this year (I will reveal more on this later – promise)
  11. I’m going to the Panic! at the Disco x Weezer concert in Oklahoma City next month!! Hells Yeah!
  12. After years of putting it off, I finally broke down and got the glasses I needed

Now that I’ve gotten over the whole “I don’t have a fabulous life, but it’s OK” thing, I think these Instagram Diary posts will start showing up monthly on the blog. What do you think? Do you like them?


xo, Stephanie 

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