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Friday Favorites vol. 11

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Things have been a bit quite around here for the past few months. I will say, it has been for good reason. Good things and bad things have transpired, but, all in all, it has all ended up working for the best (more on that later – I promise!). That aside, these past two weeks I’ve been in major packing mode – I moving next week! I’m super excited about having my own place and again and I’ve been in full on “decorating mode”. Let’s just say many, many Pinterest sessions have been had (the picture above is the result of one).

I’ve renamed and re-imagined this “Friday series” of mine a few times ( or “formerly know as” Fabulous Fridays and Glam Round-Up). I’ve decided to just keep things simple and have decided to go with Friday Favorites. It’s simple and to the point, right? So…here’s what caught my eye on the interwebs this week…

1. Have always loved Megan Tanojes’ confidence and suppor of of promoting postive body image to women of all sizes. I love her latest video

2. I’ve really been into watching daily vloggers on YouTube lately (I’ve even made a few of mine own!). The drone shots in Sawyer Hartman’s vlogs are AWESOME!

3. Victoria’s5 Big Lessons I’ve Learned From Owning My Business” I think are great pieces of advice for everyday life

4. I’m becoming a big fan of podcasts – two of my favorites so far: Marriage is Funny and Raise Your Hand and Say Yes.

5. I’m gonna be honest here – haven’t been shopping in quite sometime! Buuut…this Lane Bryant x Christian Siriano collaboration may inspire to save up and get back out there!

Also….Bauble Bar has some great pieces on sale….great prices!






















So, my friends, I’m going to be continuing to pack my entire life up in boxes and moving to my new place! Suuuper fun weekend ahead of me! I hope you all have a fabulous Friday and even better weekend!

xo, Stephanie

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