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Wednesday Wisdom // Love Being In Your Own Skin

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Body acceptance. Something I have struggled with for as long as I can remember. To my own self-detriment, I have always compared myself to others – professionally, personally and physically. It’s not a healthy thing to do.

Everyone’s life is different and different in ways you may not realize. That person if your life whom you envy may not live a life that is as fabulous as it seems. On that same note, even though someone you envy for their body and seems to have it all, may be struggling inside and not have the confidence they seem to show everyday. I’m a confidant person, but, one thing I am still struggling with is feeling comfortable in my “current body”

Every year I always say that this is the year I’m finally going to get back in shape and make a real life change to live a healthier lifestyle, but year after year I have failed. It’s hard. I need to figure out what the real reason is that keeps me from making this change in my life.¬†#thestruggleisreal

Anyone struggling with similar things?


xo, Stephanie 

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