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Time to get real people. As I mentioned previously, 2016 is bringing changes. Do you find that as each year goes by that you change as a person? Do you like the same things? Are you inspired by the same things? Do life changes bring new perspective and change priorities?

Well, the past few years has definitely changed me as a person – for the better. At times I felt like I was going through life blindly, not realizing what was really important, what really inspired me and made me feel fulfilled and happy. After what life has brought lately, I finally feel like I’ve overcome those “boundaries” and am finally headed in the right direction.

Therefore, I feel like it’s time that I changed things up a bit and changed some of the content you’ll see here on the blog and my You Tube channel. This is the first of a new series I’ll be doing called #RealTalk . I want to show more of who I am – other interests, things about my life, opinions on current events and more that I haven’t shared before. While I still love fashion and beauty (that will never change), there’s a lot more to me as person than that! 😉

What do you think of this new series? Is this something you’d like to see more of?


xo, Stephanie


I’d also love your opinion – if you haven’t taken my 2016 reader survey, would you mind taken a minute to? Your opinion means a lot to me.

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