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It’s Friday…..yay! It’s been a busy work week, but a great week nonetheless. As I’m coming out of my “blogging hiatus”, I’ve been reevaluating everything about this blog. From what type of content I want to post, how often I want to post, re-branding or redesigning my site and much more. One thing I have decided for sure is that I really enjoy doing these Glam Round-Up posts (or Fabulous Fridays as I used to call them).


It’s nice to show a little love and give a shout out to fellow bloggers who produce great content. Also, it’s just fun to share cool and interesting things I came about on the interwebs this week!


1. May have cried a few tears after seeing this sweet video – The Pegasus Project

2. Lupita’s dress at this year’s Cannes Film Festival

3. How to find time to relax and breathe even if for only a few minutes a day

4.  Can’t get THIS song out of my head (that’s NOT a bad thing….I LOVE it!)

5.  Have a bit of “writer’s block” (or “blogging-block” as I like to call it) – refurbish an old post!

6. Should you put coffee in your face right now? A question I ask myself many times a day…..

7.  Why you should be a cat person —–>  the healing power of a purring cat


xo,  Stephanie 

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