Happy Halloween!!!!

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Happy Halloween! Can you believe October is already coming to an end today and that tomorrow is……the first day of November?! Wow. Although it’s not my it’s not my favorite holiday (that is Christmas!), I really do love Halloween. Taking a trip down memory lane and remembering how fun it was dressing up as a kid and going trick-or-treating in the neighborhood is kind of nostalgic. As a kid I was everything from Snow White to a dead prom queen for Halloween (I liked to keep it interesting). This year I decided not to dress up, although I kind of wish I had as many of my co-workers are ‘rockin’ some freakin’ AWESOME costumes…….


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Decorations for a Halloween Party












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If I were throwing a party this year, the above serves as great inspiration for interesting and unique decor, don’t ya think? Do you go all out decorating your home for Halloween?

This year the plan is to keep it low-key and stay in for the night. I think a cool Halloween-inspired cocktail is in order, along with some token and classic scary movies. I do love to celebrate with the best of ’em for this “holiday”, but I think  staying in this year will suite me just fine.  🙂

What are your plans? Did you dress up this year? 

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