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Wednesday Wisdom: True Style























I think we all were affected and saddened by the news of Oscar de la Renta‘s passing. It’s truly a tragedy that such an amazing talent and an even more amazing person is no longer with us. Oscar (look at me acting like I knew him and we were on a “first name basis”! ) graced not only the fashion world, but the world in general, with such beauty and art. He also was a very wise man when it came to the true meaning and impact of fashion and style.


The above is probably my favorite quote. It speaks to what I’ve always believed and have mentioned on this blog many times before. Style is what you make it. ¬†There will always be “fashion” and trends that we all get wrapped up in from time to time, but style, your true individual style, won’t fade away and be forgotten like a fad or trend; it is truly yours.

Finding your own individual style, a style that speaks to who you are, your individuality and one that makes you happy, is what inspired me to start this blog. I’m not your typical size 2. I’m not your average “fashionista”. I’m me. I’m a true individual who has finally found who she really is and her own style. Whether I’m sharing my latest outfit post, talking about the latest beauty product to perk my interest or just my life in general, it is my wish that you can take away something positive from this blog. I will always be 110%+ myself and I hope I can inspire you to be to. So go my lovelies – go find your style!


xo,  Stephanie

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