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When it comes to my personal style I’m very confident in who I am and what makes me happy and confident. If asked, I’d describe my style as trendy with classic and edgy touches. However, when it comes to my “home decor style”, I’m  still exploring so to speak. At this current time, I’d say I’m fairly eclectic when it comes to home decor. I love mixing vintage and new pieces together, I love trendy pieces and I also love feminine “Parisian chic” touches as well.



I’ve been wanting to redo my living room decor theme for a while now. So, what better inspiration and reason to do so than moving into a new apartment! Yes, I’m moving at the end of this month. Of course, while moving is always a pain, I’m looking at this move as a chance to start fresh home decor wise!

Here’s a little inspiration I found on Pinterest.



















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My goal for this living room “redo” is to make it reflect my personality and be a place that I am truly proud of. Not that I haven’t had that before, but this time just really seems different. Maybe it’s because I’m older now (funny how your decor tastes change from your 20’s to early 30’s). Whatever the reason, I plan to make it count!

What are your current home decor inspirations? Did your tastes change as you grew older? 


xo,  Stephanie 



3 thoughts on “{Home Decor} Living Room Inspiration

  1. I bought my house six years ago and my style has totally evolved since then. However, redecorating an entire house is not only expensive but very overwhelming! My boyfriend and I are probably moving in 6mos to a year though so I’m waiting to do all my major “redecorating” in our new place. I love all of your inspiration pictures! Now if only my boyfriend wouldn’t mind living in a single girl’s dream pad haha! I hate compromising decor 😐

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