The Secret Diary of a YouTuber!

Secret Diary of....


Did you ever keep a diary when you were a teenager or a little girl? You know what I’m talking about. It probably was pink and girly, ┬áhad a lock on it and only you had the “secret key” to open it. You’d vent about your parents, gush over boys, talk smack about that “mean girl” at your school. It was the inner most workings of your young and crazy teenage mind.

Yep – I plead guilty. My best friend and I in high school actually shared one – yes – we shared one. We though we were so cool. We’d take turns taking it with us to our classes throughout the day and would right all kinds of crazy stuff in it. Oh memories…..

Well, would you ever read you secret diary out loud to anyone? Well I am! OK….so it’s not my REAL secret diary, but it is The Secret Diary of a YouTuber! My answers to commonly asked questions of YouTubers.



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