If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you may have noticed that I recently spent a little time in Dallas, TX (two weeks to be exact) for a work trip. Despite Texas being my “Native State”, I had never been to Dallas.  I spent most of my time working, however, I did manage to capture a few snaps….. Downtown D view at night


A gorgeous view of downtown Dallas at night from the rooftop bar of what is probably my favorite restaraunt in Dallas, The Iron Cactus. Classy cowgirl drink    Of course you know while in Dallas I had to try a drink calleda “Classy Cowgirl”!  😉  This was another great Dallas spot I discovered; Henderson Tap House                                                                                   Coolest pool ever - The Joule Hotel Strolling downtown while walking past The Joule hotel I discovered he coolest pool….EVEAH!; Next time I’m in Dallas I must figure out a way to afford to stay in this hotel….um……anyone?                                                                                                             Drnks at CDB Provisions Another great stop, CBD Provisions, inside The Joule hotel ( the one with the EPIC pool – see above). The Eyeball                                                                                                                                         Yes, there is a giant eyeball sculpture in downtown Dallas. What? You didn’t know. Yes, The Eyeball has become quite the attraction. 


My birthday did unfortunately occur during this work trip, however, with such amazing downtown eats and views, who can complain? Like I mentioned above, most of my time in Dallas was spent working, alas the lack of more pictures. However, I did do a vlog of my trip! Are you subscribed to my You Tube channel? So, what did I realize after my recent work trip to Dallas? I must find a way to come back on a mini vacay with my girlfriends ASAP!

xo,   Stephanie 

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