Wednesday Wisdom

Wednesday Wisdom: Walking on Glitter



I’m sure you’ve all heard the expression “walking on clouds” or being on “cloud nine”, referring to being really grateful and happy about something that has recently happened in your life. Well, I guess you could say I’m in that ‘state of mind’ right now. However, in my case and being the girl who created the online persona of “Glam Slam” and likes all things glittery and sparkly, I’m going to say that right now I’m “walking on glitter” (cute, right? Ha, ha).


Things this past year have not necessarily been that easy for me – financially, professionally and even personally. This usually isn’t something I thought I’d ever openly publicly talk about. However, in  the time I’ve had this blog I’ve realized being yourself and being truthful about who you are and what your feeling or going through can sometimes be very therapeutic This very fact is why I stared this series Wednesday Wisdom on the blog. Luckily for me some very good things have happened recently in my life that I’m so, so thankful for – more on that soon!

So, if you’re going through any sort of tough time right now just remember that things WILL get better (this coming from someone who’s been to hell and back) and before you know it you’ll be “walking on glitter’!   🙂


xo,  Stephanie 

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