My First Julep Maven Box!

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I make it no secret that I might be a bit obsessed with nail polish. As shallow as this may sound, I don’t fully feel put together without my nails neatly painted. Even if it’s just a period of a couple of days without polish or chipped polish, I feel a bit weird. That very fact in itself is a bit weird, I know, but what can I say? That’s just me. So, when I came across a chance to get a couple of new luxury polishes each month to try out, how could I say no?



1ST JULEP MAVEN - 01 (3)

I’ve know about Julep  for quite some time, but had yet to take the plunge. Well, I am so glad I did! For only $19.99 you get three new polishes each month to try. You start by taking Julep’s “Style Profile” quiz to determine “who you are”, which, based on your answers, helps determine what type of polishes you’d like best. Well friends, based on my answers I was determined to be a “Bombshell“! Ha!

One of the things I love most about each polish are the cute names each one has. Here’s a look at what I got in my box this month.








MAX -2



This is  “ZELDA” – the most gorgeous rose gold color! It’s so shimmery! Definitely my new favorite nail polish!


Lately I’ve had to put myself on a serious budget , had to start looking at things that I could live without for a while and finding new ways to save money. Believe it or not, this Julep Maven box actually is saving me money.  I used to spend almost $8 a pop or more buying new nail polish and would buy  more frequently that I should, many times without even thinking twice about it. Well friends, $8 a pop adds up pretty quickly. $19.99 for three high quality polishes a month is a pretty good deal!

Have you ever tried Julep Maven? What do you think? 

* I also received two bonus beauty products to try – “Mighty”, a cuticle serum pen and a small sample of “Blank Canvas”, a mattifying face primer *


xo,  Stephanie 

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