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2013 Most Glamorous Moments!

Now is the time of year where many bloggers are putting together posts with a collection of they’re favorite outfit posts of the year – the trendiest, most fabulous, edgiest, glamorous, etc. Well friends, I decided to do things a bit differently. Inspired by corals + cognacs recent outfit outtakes post, I present:

My favorite outtakes….bloopers….of 2013!



















Let’s take a look at the above for a moment, shall we? So, in this little gem, not only do I look like I’m in mid-sentence and having a case of “spastic arms”, but I have a nice little layer of lipstick on my teeth! Photo perfect!

















PIC 03
















Guess this particular shoot was a little to dull for me. zzzzzzz……


PIC 04
















Ya’ll….I wish I could explain this one. No words….


PIC 06
















PIC 07
















What can I say? Can’t be glam all the time! That particular saying – “If you can’t laugh at yourself you take yourself way to seriously” – I think that definitely describes it perfectly here. It’s been quite the year – struggles, high points, leather…..  I still can’t believe that that tomorrow is New Year’s Eve. 2013 has flown by! I truly have enjoyed having you guys along for the ride! Here’s to 2014!


xo,  Stephanie 

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