Wednesday Wisdom

Wednesday Wisdom

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Ok friends, for those of you on the east coast, this is coming to you after Wednesday (we could call it just”….Wisdom”).  The above is so true in my mind and speaks almost to the very core of why I started my blog.  Everyone has to find their own individual style, and when you find “your style” and what makes you feel confident about yourself, you can never go wrong.


The fashion industry at times seems to be full of nothing but judgement, cliques and signifys that not being “with it” or “on trend” makes you  a “fashion victim” if you will. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, I will admit, there are people in the world who may need a little “guidance” in the ways of fashion and style, but what they need to be guided to is what works for them and makes them feel like their best self.

Everyone deserves to be able to have fun with fashion and find their true style; to be themselves.  Fashion is for all.

What are your thoughts on what constitutes style?


xo,  Stephanie



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