20 Things You Don’t Know About Me! :)

Hello lovelies – I’m still alive! I’ve been unexpectedly taking a few “blog vacations” lately. Let me just say – things have been a bit rough lately for me. However, when the going gets tough I find that a little fun and laughter usually do the trick (laughter is the best medicine). So, when I saw a popular tag on You Tube going around “##Things You May Not Know About Me”, and after seeing Kristina’s video, I thought this would be just thing to get my spirits up! Hey, if you can’t laugh at yourself you’re taking life too seriously, right?  Right.




With how things have happened lately in my life, it’s made me rethink many things, one of them being this blog. No worries – I’m not going anywhere here – but I really am thinking about making some major changes. While I LOVE fashion and beauty, I also love many other things. I have a lot to say and share outside of the fashion/beauty arena, and I think it’s worth sharing. So in the coming months, expect to see some richer content (including more vlogs/videos) thrown into the mix here. Any of you fellow bloggers come this realization lately with your blogs? How did you “change it up”?

After a long absence, regularly scheduled Fabulous Fridays posts will be back next week, but until then, I do hope you enjoy my goofiness! 😉

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xoxo,  Stephanie



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