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Happy Friday lovelies!  As you can already see, this week’s  Fabulous Fridays post is a bit different. I’ve been thinking about changing things up a bit when it comes to these weekly Friday  posts. Usually I highlight a current popular trend, which I enjoy doing, however, I’m thinking of changing the theme a bit.

I’d like to expand the content covered in each post. Maybe it will be a trend I’m loving. Maybe a current event or a few of the favorite blog posts or stories I’ve read during the week.  It could even be a round-up of things. What do you think? I need your help and opinion. What would you like to see? You opinion and advice is welcomed. Feel free to leave a comment below letting me what you think!

A few things that caught my eye this week:

1. Jennifer Lawrence’s Dior Ads: If you watched the Oscars last week, you of course probably remember this moment. If Jennifer Lawrence wasn’t already crazy popular enough already, the aforementioned moment has made the girl go viral. So, I found it brilliantly perfect timing for her new Miss Dior campaign to launch.  I was already a lover of Dior, but this made me love them even more.  The brand is amazing and timeless – the stuff of fashion dreams and legends I tell you! Ha! Jennifer’s new ads are my favorites (even if they were “Photoshopped)” since Natalie Portman’s “Miss Dior Cherie” fragrance ads. What do you think?

2. One AMAZING pair of Alice + Olivia heels:  If you are a reader of my blog or follow me on any of my social media channels, you know I am a major #shoeaddict . There’s nothing like a great pair of shoes to instantly put you in a great mood or add a great touch to an outfit. So, when my eyes first feasted upon these beauties via this post, I.WAS.IN.LOVE. They make such an awesome statement and pair so beautiful with even the simplest of outfits. These babies are a bit out of my price range at the moment, but I nevertheless haven’t stopped lusting over them. So, when I recently read this post this week, my love and obsession was even more heightened. Somehow I have to get my hands on these babies; hopefully they’ll go on sale soon.

That’s all for now loves! I hope you have an awesome weekend!


xoxo,  Stephanie 

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