The Road Has Been A Bit Bumpy Lately























Let me just say – times have NOT been easy for me lately. I’ve tried to keep as much of it to myself as I can and have tried not to let my emotions get the best of me on social media, but the other day I slipped a bit.  I’m usually very good when it comes to keeping my emotions in check publicly, even during the hardest of times, but sometimes, you’ve just got to “let it out” so to speak.

I thought about keeping this all to myself, but, I have found a lot myself becoming very close to many of my blogger friends lately and of course to you, my readers. I feel comfortable sharing parts of my life with you. So…here it goes. I am broke. I am broker than broke. Broke to the point where, if it weren’t for my roommate and the help of family, would not be in a good place at all. I have never experienced something like this before and I incredibly embarrassed to admit that this is the current state of my life.

Yes, I just started a great job in social media which I LOOOOVE and am incredibly blessed to have, but financially, I am still drowning a bit. Now, while I haven’t always been the best at managing money sometimes, but I can tell my current situation didn’t result due to this. Prior to getting my current job, I had trouble finding work.  Despite my college eduction and extensive professional experience, I could only find temp work and/or part-time work. Temp work. Unreliable employment and low wages have  led me to a very bad current financial spot. 30 years old, BROKE and no life.

Constant stress, money problems and low self-esteem have gotten the better of me.

I almost feel like I’m wining and complaining a bit. Due to the current state of our country and economy, I know I definitely am not the only one going through hard times like this. Many people probably have it worse off than I do. I do have a good job now and have the support of friends and family. I keep asking myself though – why am I having such a hard time dealing with this? I’m a strong, determined and smart person. I usually very positive.

What gives?

So, this is what I’m currently dealing with. This is why I haven’t been quite myself lately, both blog-wise and personally. This is why you maybe saw a few dramatic and quite emotional tweets lately.  I now ask you, my readers – have you been through anything like this and have found you way out? What helped you through it and have did you keep positive? As always, thank you for listening and for those of you who noticed my “emotional tweeting” and sent out kind words of encouragement, thank you very, very much.  xoxo

I’m just taking things one day at a time; I know things will get better, but it’s just a little tough at the moment. One thing that has definitely helped “keep me sane” lately is this blog and all of you. I’m trying to get “my blogging mojo” back, so bare with me if you can!   😉

Anyways – emotional stuff aside, I hope you have a great weekend! Go enjoy the Super Bowl! Are you watching for the game or the commercials? Come on…be honest…some of you are watching for the commercials, aren’t you?!    😉










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