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The Carrie Diaries: 80’s Fashion With A Modern Twist

Well friends, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, then you know that Carrie Bradshaw is back! Well, the teenage Carrie Bradshaw. On 01/14/13, The Carrie Diaries, prequel to Sex in the City and based on the  books by SATC author Candice Bushnell, premiered on The CW.



We all had expectations, some of us reservations of how good this could and would actually be. Having read both books in the series, I was skeptical on how true to the books they would stay and how this might affect our view of our beloved and iconic Carrie of SATC.  Verdict is in:  I love it! I love it so much so, that I’ve been inspired to do my own weekly series of each week – a review of my favorite look for each week’s episode.

I’m going to be perfectly honest here, having loved beyond words the fashions of the original SATC series, when I first read the Carrie Diaries books and consequently heard they were being made into a TV series, all I could think of is – uuuggghh! 80’s fashion?! Poofy Madonna-like skirts, (i.e. “Like A Virgin”),  shoulder pads, ridiculously crazy neons, side pony tails….need I go on? However, when I heard the one and only Eric Daman (lead stylist for Gossip Girl and former assistant to the brilliant and former Sex in the City lead stylist Patricia Fields) was the genius mind behind the fashion for the series, I knew we were  going to be in for something great.  I became even more giddy with excitement after reading a recent article about his inspiration for the teenage Carrie’s style.

So, without further adieu, the new weekly Carrie Diaries blog series  –

The Carrie Diaries: Playing Favorites – Season 1, Episode 3

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 My favorite look:  Carrie’s cute blue and floral dress (similar)!

 The bright colors of the dress definitely make it fit in the 80’s era fashion, but at the same time, with the “rebirth” of neons these past few season, make it very modern at the same time! It is a very versatile piece, as it can easily be paired with tights, booties and a cute trench (as seen above) for fall/winter, but can also easily be paired with a cute pair of of stiletto sandals, sunglasses and a cute clutch for spring/summer.

*A couple of other favorite looks from past episodes*:

PicMonkey CollageImages via Google

Every episode so far has been full of amazing and gorgeous bright colors, great patterns and pattern mixing and the perfect “mixing” of vintage 80’s era inspired fashion and modern touches.

I know I’m getting a late start with this new blog series here guys, but I’m excited to be bringing this to you each week and look forward to hearing your thoughts!

So, until next week, I leave you in the words of the man himself –

She makes lemonade from lemons and turns it into this great fashion piece. Hopefully that will be inspirational to girls. I want people to take away from it that fashion should be fun and individual.”  

Well said Eric. Well said.










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