Two 2013 Resorts Collections I’m Swooning Over!

I am a firm believer that it is never too early in the winter season to start thinking of fabulous spring fashion. Case in point, new upcoming spring collections are shown many, many months ahead of the actual chronological occurrence of the season itself at fashion week, so I think this justifies my spring cravings in January. Hey, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!  😉

As I scoured the internet looking for the latest information on upcoming spring fashion, I happened to stumble upon two Resort collections that caught my eye.   Now, spring collections aside, Resort Collections are even better! Two of my favorite designers and inspirations: Tory Burch and Rebecca Minkoff. Now, not only am I craving spring fashion, but ready to sail onto into summer for a tropical getaway!

I have always loved TORY BURCH. I admire her not just because of the strong, intelligent and creative genius that she is or my love for that famous brand emblem that embellishes her accessories, but for the  bright, clean and chic aesthetic that always is epitomized in her collections.  The bright sunny colors, the patterns, the great accessories? Tell, what about her above collection doesn’t instantly speak to you and make you ready to take off to a tropical getaway? 

Ever since I saw my first Mini Mac, REBECCA MINKOFF stole my heart. Her collections always have such interesting and great inspirations behind them each season and somehow I’m always instantly put in a better mood after viewing them. The sneak peak that we’re shown in the video above for her upcoming 2013 Resort & Cruise  Collection has me longing for poolside afternoons, warm beaches and cute sandals – and of course one of her fabulous bags!

What do you think of the collections?










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