Do not adjust your computer screen. No, your eyes are not deceiving you. Presenting my very first You Tube video! This by far is not the best quality video you’ll ever see, so bear with me. I wanted to “introduce myself” to you all via video! For quite sometime now I ‘ve wanted to do videos for my blog. It’s just a more personal way to connect with your readers and express yourself to your readers in a different way. I’ve long been inspired by You Tube pros like Profresh Style, Pretty Shiny Sparkly, Tanya Burr and many others for their amazing videos, so I thought it was long past due for me!

This actually is more of an “intro” video to the blog, why I started it, etc. So, if you are already a reader, then this may be a bit repetitive. Nonetheless, this is the first of many more videos to come! I can promise that the more videos I do the better I will get! Haha! Hope you enjoy! If you like this and look forward to future videos to come then feel free TO SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL  HERE – IT’S FREE!    😉

In other news – is that not the best freeze frame of my face ever?! Awesome.









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