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As we are all aware, this month is breast cancer awareness month. Pink is the IT color (and I’m totally fine with that 😉  )! Contrary to popular belief of some, the fashion world is and has been making HUGE strides in the support of breast cancer research and spreading awareness. Designers create exclusive limited addition pieces, brands launch awareness campaigns and more. It is truly touching to me that an industry that many criticize as being so superficial can do so much for such an important cause and truly shows it’s “heart”!

While there is already so many great things being done this month in support of the cause, a brand whose awareness campaign really caught my eye was that of Ralph Lauren. The legendary brand  launched a beautiful campaign called “The Pink Pony“. You’ve maybe already seen t-shirts displaying the trademark horse emblem  in pink being promoted for the campaign. However, I want to draw your attention to a particular part of the campaign. On the Ralph Lauren Tumblr page is THIS post. For every note received on the post, $1 will be donated to Pink Pony Fund of the Polo Ralph Lauren Foundation for breast cancer research.  The brand just completed the campaign and 32,685 notes were received!

Cancer of any kind is a very sensitive and personal issue to me. Whenever a brand or company uses their power and presence for such an important cause as cancer research, I am truly touched and will support them wholeheartedly. Ralph Lauren himself summed up the hear of the campaign beautifully in saying, “Breast cancer is not just a woman’s issue – it affects all of us: the brothers, husbands, fathers, children and friends. Pink Pony is our effort in the fight against cancer.”










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