Remixing is Glamourous!


 Never where the same outfit twice. This is the oh so infamous fashion commandment we all are probably all to familiar with and so desperately try to adhere to no matter what; even at the expense of our wallet. I have to be honest here. I wish that this “rule” is something I could adhere to. I would love nothing more than to always be on trend with the latest fashions and be able to shop whenever I want and as much as I want and not have to worry about the consequences. But – I live in the real world and live on a “real girl budget”.

In the beginning of my fashion blogging days (well, technically I maybe still am in the “beginning”; my blog isn’t even a year old yet) I would fret over the fact that I was on such a tight budget that I felt I couldn’t keep up with the latest trends and do new and fresh outfit posts as frequently as some of my fellow bloggers. I worried that readers would notice that I was wearing the same pair of shoes or the same pair of pants in numerous different personal style posts and that I would be judged and not able to establish my self in the world of fashion blogging.

Well, let me tell you that I recently have come to find that many a blogger had the same worries as I and that it actually was OK and even acceptable to “remix” the same pieces in posts but just in a different way. I felt even more so justified in this fact after I read an awesome article by IFB on this very topic entitled,  “How to not go into Debt over Personal Styling” .

In the above picture you see me wearing the same pair of skinnies in three different posts: “Serpent Queen“, “Weekend Casual” and “Life Goes On“. What do you think of my remixing skills?

How have you been remixing lately?









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2 thoughts on “Remixing is Glamourous!

  1. Those are the perfect color jeans. They look different in each pic from lighting and the looks. I honestly thought they were different until I read your post!

    Oh also your clutch on the right pic is divine! Lookin good honey!

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