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What does fashion mean to you? This is something that has been running through my mind lately. I recently started a new job. I am now part of the leadership team at The Limited in my city! Yay! I am so happy to be part of this company and to represent the brand. I love them and have shopped there for years and years. I LOVE the new artistic and creative direction that brand has taken lately.  Check out some awesome looks from the new collection, here.

In a company training video detailing the brand’s Spring 2012 Campaign that I watched today, Elliot Staples, Sr. Vice President of Design at The Limited, posed the very question, “What does fashion mean to you?”  This really got me thinking.

I’ve ALWAYS loved fashion, ever since I was a teenager.  It first started out just as something fun and lighthearted; something to “play with” so to speak. Over the years it has evolved to so much more.  I truly see and understand the importance of fashion in today’s world. It gives you confidence in yourself when dressed your best and presenting yourself in the best manner possible, it gives others confidence in you (you can never make a first impression a second time) and makes others take you seriously – remember your mother telling you “Dress for the job you WANT not the job that you HAVE”.  I truly believe that the right fashion, the fashion/style that works for you, can change your life for the better. Seriously!

Fashion also means art and true creative artistic expression to me. Beautiful fabrics, architectural shapes, color, silhouette, cut, detailing, etc. Each element is an integral piece. Just like a painting, you can see the designer’s vision and what he/she is trying to express through their collections; we see their vision.  Fashion is an art form and brings beauty to the world in troubled times. How awesome is that?!

I know this may be a little deep but hey, it’s how I feel. Through my love for fashion and becoming a fashion blogger, I have met some of the most amazing people and have made some life long friends. Fashion also brings people together! I am truly thankful for the experiences my love for fashion has brought me and I know that this is ONLY THE BEGINNING!  😉


So, what does fashion mean to you?













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2 thoughts on “What Fashion Means to Me

  1. This is a great discussion! Fashion to me is an art. It’s more than just a covering for our bodies. It’s elaborate body art and be can made to express who you truly are.

    Side Note: I also used to work with the Limited Family, at the Corporate Express in Columbus, OH. It’s a great company!
    Lindsay recently posted..Atelier MinyonMy Profile

    1. I completely agree! Fashion is definitely an elaborate art; a beautiful and creatively expressive art!

      P.S. – So far so good at The Limited. I enjoy the people I work with and it is a great brand and company! 🙂 <3 !

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