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Oh yes people….it’s official….I’m FINALLY on Instagram! I’ll admit right now that the day Instagram announced it would be available for Android was one of the best days of my life. I am an obsessive-compulsive picture taker and this tool is just beyond awesome. So I warn you now – expect TONS of pictures now on from me being tweeted!

It was so fun being able to use my new-found “precious” , Instagram,  over the Easter holiday this past Sunday. With lots of young nieces and nephews, I was easily able to keep up (well, kind of) and snap some great memories.  I also, as you can see above, captured a few other mementos from my life as of this past week. Random shots of pizza and margaritas, my jewelry for the day, my occasional nightly glass of wine and pretty much anything else I decided that I just had to share with you my fair readers.

Wanna keep up with me and daily montage of randomness, fashion “moments” and general craziness? Well, if you dare, you can find me on Instagram at  Glam__Slam














So, if you REALLY love me and Instagram alone isn’t enough of me for you, you can also find me here:  Twitter, Facebook and Blog Lovin’

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