Fabulous Fridays

Fabulous Fridays – Remmi and Emmy

I'm in Love with Remi and Emmy

(Counter-clockwise from left:  Flatiron Brook Satchel (white), Bedford Monica Satchell, Flatiron Brook Satchel (orange), Flatiron Paulina Clutch, Glastonbury Woodstock Satchel (yellow), Remi Emmy Glastonbury Python Penny Cross-Body and Glastonbury Woodstock Satchel (similar)  )

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A little news flash here. In case you didn’t already know (and if you follow my blog or follow me on Twitter you do), I am a bag addict. Just like a fabulous pair of shoes (I’m a shoe-addict too), a bag can make or break an outfit. I have to admit, in the opinions of some, I probably have an unhealthy amount of bags and it’s still a continuously growing collection! I may need help.

I recently discovered one of the most fabulous brands EVER and have fallen in love with their amazingly awesome, chic and beautiful bags ( a fact that will not help my addiction).  Remi and Emmy recently unveiled their new collection at a fabulous event, Girl’s Night Out ,at Caravan Studio in New York  (which sadly I wasn’t able to attend).

Let me tell you people – I just about died over these bags! Hot neon colors, sexy python print, cool leather, posh detailing and intricately made, this new collection has everything you could ever ask for in a luxury bag and more. Do you think it would be appropriate to call them the “bag whisperers“? Yes, I definitely think so! Their bags are definitely whispering “buy me! We were made for each other!

So, without further adieu, this week’s Fabulous Fridays post is dedicated to the fabulous and amazingly chic “bag whisperers” Remi and Emmy.


What do you guys think of the collection?












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