Inspiration Runs Deep in 2012


My 2012 Blog Mood and Inspiration Board
Being a “creative” as I like to say, inspiration can strike you at anytime and anywhere. Inspiration can be found in the most unlikely of things; a gentle rain, fall leaves, from the people around you, etc. Due to this fact, I have started carrying around a small notebook with me wherever I go. I’ve recently even found myself out of the blue being struck with a post idea while typing on my computer at work! It was like “eureka” (queue flashing little light bulb popping up above my head)!
While we may all be full of inspiration, sometimes staying inspired can be difficult. Many of us bloggers have full-time jobs, kids, other obligations and more than keep us busy and drag us down at times. This sometimes lead to pesty little things like the much dreaded “writers block” and  can make inspiration, staying inspired and achieving your blogging goals difficult (I mean….am I preaching to the choir here?).
With all this being so, this leads me to the above Polyvore collage above. This is my blog mood/inspiration/goals board for this year. Aside from the reasons listed above, this was inspired by @IFB and the IFB Project #28: Create a Motivational Mood Board
I think this is a fabulous idea and I know that this will help me in the future.
I have many goals for my blog this year. For instance, I hope to increase my number of readers/followers, be more interactive with my own blog’s community and in fashion blogger communities like @IFB and Blog Trends Chat , come up with a strategic social media/marketing plan for the blog, go to New York City (ok, maybe that won’t happen this year, but it is a MAJOR goal of mine), get an outfit feature in Glamour Magazine online, get a freelance writing opportunity and more. The above you see is only the beginning as I plan to get a big cork board and make a tangible collage similar to my Polyvore collage here with my 2012 blog goals.
What are some of your blog goals for this year? Do you have a motivational/goal board?
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2 thoughts on “Inspiration Runs Deep in 2012

    1. Thank you Bronagh. I couldn’t help but not include Carrie on my board; she is the ultimate “blogger” and writer and she actually does inspire me to go for it! Thanks for reading! 🙂

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