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“Feeling the Power of the Pink”: Fashion Cares and a Personal Story

This month is all about “painting the town pink”! Yes, unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you are fully aware that this month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Everyone is “feeling the power of the pink” and is doing their part to help spread awareness and raise money to find a cure. When I say everybody, I mean everybody: celebrities, companies and of course the fashion world!

I honestly have to say that I am very touched by how the fashion world is paying it forward and doing so much in the fight for a cure. Some of our favorite designers are creating exclusive “mini collections” or special pieces for the cure this month, high-powered celebrities are saying “the force is with you” through exclusive fashion pieces and well known fashion retailers launch beautiful collections.


Some of my favorite things the fashion world is doing for the cause:


Ann Taylor Loft- BCRF Collection :

One of my favorite stores that I frequent when I’m in the need for some fab ‘casual chic’ pieces, has partnered with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) and created an exclusive collection of limited edition T-shirts and jewelry.

T-SHIRTS: for every t-shirt purchased, $5 will go to BCRF. The t-shirts were inspired by the stories of three real women whose stories inspired the shirts and symbolizing: strength, inspiration and support.

JEWELRY: the three jewelry pieces in the collection were a collaboration between designer Rachel Leigh, Roxanne Assoulin and fashion blogger Jessica Quirk. For each jewelry item purchased, $5 will be donated to BCRF.

ANN CARES GIFT CERTIFICATES:  90% of the proceeds from the sale of these $25 shopping gift cards will be donated to BCRF! So my lovelies, now you have no excuse to not go shopping! Shop for the cure!


Loft also did an awesome collaboration with some of your favorite fashion bloggers for the collection!




Stand Up to Cancer T-shirts:

Join the cause and show that our force is going to kick cancer’s ass!

The “force is with you” during the fight against breast cancer thanks to these fun Stand Up to Cancer t-shirts inspired by Star Wars. Not only are they quirky and fun, but they have garnered some major star power!








Check out this beautiful collection and pieces from some of your favorite designers and once again shop for the cause! As In Style puts it, think pink

Betsey Johnson: I have and always will love this woman! Her energy and collections are fun and infectious and and so is her amazing breast cancer awareness bundle she designed. A breast cancer survivor herself, Betsey epitomizes love, hope and the strength of a woman.

Shoe Dazzle “Powerful Pink” Collection:   All I’m gonna say here is: a pair of some of this season’s chicest  shoes in my favorite color for a wonderful cause that is close to my heart! Picture says it all ladies!

Carlos Falchi clutch: another amazing awesome accessory for the cause it the best color ever!
Shop this piece and many fabulous others from Carlos Fulchi at !

Lily Pulitzer “Full of Hope” Charm Bracelet:  a beautiful and delicate accessory piece that I think epitomizes the cause. We as women sometimes can seem very delicate and fragile, but the world has no idea how powerful and strong we are! Breast cancer beware!

All fashion and fabulousness aside, breast cancer awareness and cancer awareness in general is very important and near and dear to my heart. July 19, 2010, my step-mother Luanne,who was one of the strongest and most amazing women I knew, passed away from colon cancer that eventually spread to her pancreas.

Colon cancer awareness ribbon

Luanne survived a lot of hard times in her life and always came through and conquered any obstacle with beautiful strength and grace. I feel honored to have been able to call her “mom” and was inspired by her wisdom, strength and beauty. Some people may have called her “tough” but inside she was soft, gentle and full of love. Luanne was one of those women that makes womankind proud and I know for me, makes me very proud to be a woman. I only hope that someday I can live up to her example.

By the time we discovered Luanne’s cancer it was already in stage 4, which is considered “end stage”. Luanne had been experiencing some pain and discomfort over the past few months prior, but brushed it off thinking it would eventually subside (the woman had an amazing threshold for pain. 😉  ). When the pain finally got to a point where she couldn’t take it any longer on her own and started to worry her, she went to the doctor and was then given the news that no one in their lives ever thinks they will ever hear or ever wants to hear. She fought long and hard to the end with determination, grace and strength I almost can’t find words to describe, but in the end she was “brought home”.

If my story helps even one person finally go to the doctor to get that “something doesn’t feel right, but it’s probably nothing” checked out, saves a life or helps to spread awareness, then I will be forever grateful and honored. No matter how strong you are, cancer and especially for women, breast cancer, is never something you should, can or need to fight alone. We are all here for one another in this fight and someday we will win the battle and find a cure not only for breast cancer, but all cancer I believe.


So my lovelies and fashionistas, do your part to help spread awareness and fight for the cause. Shopping helps this month and more so than any other month, shopping truly is “therapy” this month. This “therapy” could help save a woman’s life!

For information on breast cancer and how to give yourself a “self exam”, please visit:








5 thoughts on ““Feeling the Power of the Pink”: Fashion Cares and a Personal Story

  1. Wow thanks for sharing your story of loss. Reminds me much of what I went through losing my mom to breast cancer. Here’s to hoping for a day noone has to suffer through cancer!! Thanks for spreading the word. *hugs*

    1. Hi Samar! Thanks for reading! I shared my story in hopes that it would help others; even if it’s only one person. I agree, someday we will win this fight! It’s nice to know there is so much support out there! Let’s go shop for the cause! 🙂

    1. Thanks girl. Yea, it was a very hard thing to go through. God works in mysterious ways. I defintley learned how important our health is and cancer awareness. I think it’s so cool what the fashion community is doing for the cause this month. So chic! 🙂

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