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There are so many different monthly beauty boxes to choose from out there ya’ll – so many. I’ve tried a few or so myself.  After a bit of trial and error, so far I’ve discovered that one of my favorites has been the PopSugar Must Have Box. Each box is fully of curated items that collectively bring together a specific theme; each month is different. This is not the first Must Have Box I’ve tried, but,  when I heard Reinvention. Warm + Cozy. Snuggly. Inspiration. Happy was the theme for the October Must Have Box, I mean….come on! How could I not be interested – it basically describes fall!



In October We Wear Pink // Shopstyle x CFDA












Pink may not be your favorite color, but, I’m sure you are aware of the significance of the color during the month of October. I’m sure you’re already critically aware of the importance of raising awareness and raising money to help in the fight against the most invasive cancer a woman can experience. I’m sure you know a lot of things about Breast Cancer Awareness Month and why the cause is so important.


{Beauty} How To Get Ready Fast!

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I am not a morning person and I never have been. I wish I could be. I also LOVE my sleep. Therefore, when it comes to getting up super early (well, super early in my mind at least) each day during the week to get ready for work, honestly the last thing I want to do is take a hour or more getting ready in the morning. Let me be honest – I AM LAZY.


Happy 4th of July // Happy Birthday America!



Happy 4th of July! Can I get a HELL YEAH for the wonderful long holiday weekend we’ve been enjoying?! Yes! I may be a little more excited about this long weekend this year than I should be, but, ya’ll…it’s been quite the week…the month actually! Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy being busy, but sometimes, a little rest and relaxation that comes with an extended weekend is just perfect.


Friday Favorites vol. 14

















It’s FRIDAY ya’ll! 🙂  I don’t know about you, but I think this little puppy has the right idea for weekend plans, yes? 🙂 We’re getting closer to another holiday (read: another long holiday weekend) and I find myself counting down the days, hours and minutes! I know…I’ve got it bad! But, hey, can you blame me?


{Style} Top NOT // Casual Summer Style

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Remember when the top knot was all the rage? Every blogger, celebrity and even us “normal folk” where trying out this new “hairstyle”. Well, up until this post, I had not worn a top knot outside the walls of my house. Why? Well, because I never thought it really looked good on me.

Despite the above, I still kinda don’t think it does. But, it was a laid back Sunday friends and sister did not feel like fussing with her hair. So, I give you – the top NOT. Also I give you my go to casual summer style.



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This is not a regular blog post. This blog post  has nothing to do with me. You will not see any affiliate links. I will not be talking about the latest trend, my latest home decor obsession, my current favorite beauty products or a round-up my latest Instagram happenings. I will not be linking to any past posts in this post to get you to read another post. There never has been a post like this on this blog.


Friday Favorites vol. 13

















Summer is definitely starting to make it’s mark here it Tulsa. Starting of course I say, as I’m going to miss this low 90 degree weather when it becomes super muggy and 100+ degrees! But hey, it’s pool season and beautiful outside, so I’m not complaining too much.


#RealTalk // My 5 Biggest Personal Flaws











Personal flaws. We all have them. So friends, I think we’re overdue for another #RealTalk , what do you think?  As human beings we are flawed…we just are. No matter how positive our attitudes, what we do to change our ways or how much therapy we take, it’s just the cold hard truth. Now, I’m don’t mean to sound depressing here, but, this is truly something I’ve had to come to a realization to.

Guess what – that’s OK!


Instagram Diary // vol. 1

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Hey ya’ll. So, I always meant to do a regular “Instagram Round-Up” on a semi-weekly or even monthly basis, however, I’ve gotta be honest with you here – I just don’t think me life is interesting enough! 😉  I see other bloggers do these type of round up posts and wow – their lives seem uber fabulous! Of course this isn’t necessarily true  and this is me doing that “comparing yourself to other people thing (personal flaw), but for real though.